Closed because of the pandemic, the cinema “Horizont” in Moscow — one of the first in the network “Formula Kino” — won’t open. They drove the chain to Alexander Mamut did not renew the lease due to the growth of payment and vacated the premises. The owner of the building, the unknown on the market, “PM Drain”, previously tried to evict the cinema through the courts. Now you can open shop.The closure of this four-auditorium cinema “Horizon” to “Frunzenskaya” reported in social networks a few Muscovites. “All that cinema “Horizon” ordered to live long. Took out all the equipment, furniture,”— said on his page on Facebook poetess Margarita Pushkina. That equipment out of the theater and made it empty, wrote and locals in the service “Yandex.District”. Previously, the cinema announced that March 26 will be temporarily closed because of the pandemic, as all the cinemas in the Moscow region.The CEO of United cinema “cinema Park”, “Formula Kino” and “Kino OKKO”, which included “Horizon” Alexey Asasin confirmed “Kommersant” that the cinema will be closed forever. “The lease was coming to an end, the landlord wanted to increase the rent several times, the theater could not stretch, had to be closed”,— he explained.”Horizon” in the center of Moscow, opened in 1999, it was the first modern cinema outside of the Garden ring and the future of the cinema network “Formula Kino” after the “Boom”. And “Arrow”, and “Horizon” were on balance of the unitary enterprise “United Directorate for management of cinema chains” (ADWICK), which actively sold the city-owned cinemas. In 2015, the “Arrow” and “Horizon” was sold at auction for 210,8 million rubles and 209.4 mln RUB., respectively. The buyer has not disclosed to detect it at the mayor’s office failed.Owner of “Horizon” from 2015 was “PM Drain”, the filing of the arbitration court. This unknown at the film market, the company belongs to Andrey Ignatov and works in real estate, specified in In 2010, “Formula Kino” rented “Horizon” from sue ADWICK to July 27, 2020, and in 2015 in connection with the sale of theater obligations under the contract passed to the “PM Drain”. New landlord in 2017 tried to terminate the contract, upon presentation of the “Formula Kino” claim for “non-approved alterations in the premises”, which occupied the cafe “chocolate” and “Wabi Sabi”, although ADWICK agreed on the redevelopment in 2013. “The cinema formula” filed to “PM Drain” two lawsuits concerning the unilateral cancellation of the agreement, the dispute came to appeal, but cinema managed to keep the movie theater.Two sources of Kommersant familiar with the details of the conflict were heard at the site of the cinema is planned to open a store. Phone numbers “PM Drain” identified in the “SPARK-Interfax”, may 21, did not answer.Cinema in Russia began to massively close in the end�� March. In may, officials were allowed to open them in the Leningrad and Smolensk regions, there were shown from the past to rent movies, but the theaters of Smolensk region soon closed once again. The General Director of “Kinomax” Dmitry Nartov predicted that only by December, the revenue of the cinemas will be 20-25% less than last year’s December and another year will go to “recover”. Association of theater owners predicted that the quarantine would not survive 25% of the cinemas in the country.Anna Afanasyeva