He was regarded as one of the best DJs in the country, stormed regularly in the charts and toured with the this year’s Eurovision Finalist Luca Hänni (24) through Europe. Now the Berner Christoph Spörri (49) have to, better known as Christopher S., for four years in jail.

incitement to arson

The Federal court slammed this week for his last appeal. And thus confirmed the judgment of the Bernese Oberland court in July 2018: Due to urgent need of money he should have hired the two men, his for 200’000 Swiss francs insured record collection on fire. The court found him guilty of incitement to arson, attempted fraud and incitement to false testimony.

in Addition, he was sentenced to a conditional monetary penalty in the amount of 23’400 Swiss francs. Added to this is a claim for damages in the amount of 92’500 Swiss francs to the furniture and a refund of over 50’000 Swiss francs from unjust enrichment to the Helvetia. The proceedings for embezzlement against him has been discontinued.

nightmare for the family

when he actually go to prison, indent, do not know he still. “What impacted me in addition,” he said yesterday, to Sunday views. “I want to do as am fast in jail, then I also again faster outside with my family.” He has two sons (13 and 9) and a woman. “For all of this is of course also a nightmare.”

Not the former Hit-musicians can understand the severity of the penalty: “rapists, and other riffraff come out earlier, but to me, you want to put away for four years, even though I had been a flower white criminal record.” Be afraid of the coming of Isolation, he did not. “I was long enough in the military. Worse than there, it will not be safe.”

Uncertain future

The judgment is for Spörri also a relief: “Now I know what the deal is.” The uncertainty about his future had been frightening. “I have the last few years, almost like in a prison and lived.”

From Luca Hänni, and other associates from the music business has heard Spörri for a long time. “In such moments, you, who the true friends are,” he says. From the music he wanted to make anyway, enough of that. “If I’m outside again, I’ll look for another Job. Preferably one that is not so exposed.”

Because he believes that the severity of the penalty is close especially to the fact that he has formerly led a very extravagant life style. “It brought me a lot of envy and resentment.” Also judges and prosecutors would have probably thought, this Bluffer, we will show it now. “To me, they wanted to make an example of you,” he says.