Honorary President of the RFU called Belarusian football pornography

Honorary President of the Russian football Union Vyacheslav Koloskov commented on the broadcasting of matches of the championship of Belarus on Russian TV.

“on Friday I tried to watch two matches. This kind of pornography, nonsense: neither the audience, nor the skill of nothing. And we are on Central television show this stuff. Earlier on TV there was a section “Heroes of sport”. So show these heroes! Show the final of the Olympic football tournament in Seoul in 1988 Soviet Union – Brazil. Show challenge Cup – 1979 hockey. Why would I want to watch BATE or some MoH-who?!” – quoted Koloskova perturbed RT.

Now all European Championships, except Belarus, which was suspended due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection. Suspended also the draws of the Champions League and Europa League.

TV Guide “Match TV”, to somehow satisfy the hunger of football fans decided to show matches of the championship of Belarus. Thanks to the Russian audience had the opportunity to see interesting meetings and interesting to know the names of the teams which previously have not heard.