The Chinese metropolis of Hong Kong, monitors the observance of domestic quarantine because of the Coronavirus pandemic, with the help of specially designed bracelets and an App. According to the Hong Kong authorities, the strap is coupled via the App with the phone.

This technique is to help to analyze the Change of the communication signals using artificial intelligence and Big Data, to determine whether quarantined persons at their place of residence. Up to 60,000 bracelets to be produced.

App registered changes of the place of stay

In a further communication, the authorities have insured that this type of electronic tag with the data protection provisions. “We consulted with the privacy officer. He has Essentially confirmed that we can use the App to keep track of the location of the Isolated,” said Chief Information Officer Victor Lam.

According to Lam, the App does not register directly to the location, but simply changes of the place of stay, especially in the telecommunications and communications signals in the environment of the affected persons. In order to ensure that the quarantined stayed home.

police will Defect

informed of The bracelet should be to remove therefore hard to come by. The health authorities and the police receive a warning if the bracelet is defective, the Smartphone no power has prevented extension more or the device is removed from the location.

for More technical Details, the authorities are not called. Possibly, the App changes the notification of the wireless cell or the wireless networks in the area.

imprisonment, or a fine

threaten to Affected persons reported according to the US broadcaster CNBC that they were sure to have been asked, with the bracelet around your home, so that the App could accurately register the data of the place of stay.

In the case of breaches of quarantine a fine of the equivalent of 644 US dollars or a six month prison sentence. An incoming passenger who did not want to accept the bracelet, had to leave Hong Kong with another aircraft again.

Since the 8. February 2020 had to take 50,000 people in Hong Kong, in-home quarantine. The authorities expect a further increase in this number, since Holders will be made from Europe, Asia and the United States after their arrival under quarantine.

other countries Also want to use

5.000 wristbands had already been produced. Tests for the 14. March had shown that the technology works. So far, Apps such as Whatsapp or Wechat had been used to monitor in-home quarantine.

Also, change countries access to electronic methods in order to monitor the whereabouts of citizens in the Coronavirus pandemic. In Israel, the government has now decided to use mobile data in the next 30 days to combat the Coronavirus epidemic. Thus, potentially Infected should be warned.

in Addition, the observance of quarantine to be monitored-measures. The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used Anti-Terror laws, Surveillance without the consent of the Parliament. FOCUS Online says THANK you to all the helpers in the crisis, the position of FOCUS Online FOCUS Online says THANK you to all the helpers, the the crisis hold the line

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