following the adoption by Beijing of the law “On national security” situation of protesters in Hong Kong have been close to catastrophic. Now for the disobedience they face not just fines and temporary imprisonment, and long – up to life – terms in prison. The law was formulated to maximally vague, so under the article of “terrorism”, “separatism” and “collusion with foreign powers” in theory it was possible to bring almost any action of the protesters. Therefore, some opposition leaders decided to get away from danger and to emigrate abroad. But the fight is not finished – they plan to create a Hong Kong Parliament in exile.

One of the most famous Pro-democracy activists of Hong Kong Nathan Lowe has promised to continue the struggle for the future of Hong Kong, despite the fact that he fled the city for their own safety.

Lowe, a former legislator and the leader of the “umbrella movement” in 2014, left Hong Kong after China’s Central government introduced a law “On national security” in the special administrative region of Hong Kong.

“I think at this critical time we can not refuse international assistance. We need public figures at the international level to conduct advocacy work,” said Lowe.

“I will continue my advocacy work, regardless of how it threatens the government,” – said the activist.

Speaking on CNN Nathan Lowe rejected any suggestion that he had abandoned his comrades in protest, saying that they all understand the need for someone with international fame he played for Hong Kong on the world stage.

Lowe praised the courage of the citizens who came out to protest even after the new law “On national security” entered into force. The activist is sure that the movement for freedom has “a strong tenacity and perseverance” even in the face of “zero tolerance” on the part of the security forces.

“We must learn to protest in a different, perhaps more quickly or even more rigid ways of protest. I don’t think Hong Kongers give up now,” said the opposition leader.

Nathan Lowe added that Hong Kong was preparing for a long struggle and realized that “the future will be very bleak”, as the authorities seek to limit dissent, and to impose on the city a Communist dictatorship.

“We all understand that the struggle for democracy takes decades, – said the activist. – We should stick and be very persistent. Otherwise, we fail because of the very short-term vision for the future of Hong Kong. But I think we have a long way to go, and I think Hong Kongers are to stay.”

One of the forms of the struggle for the future of HongOng will be the creation of an unofficial Parliament in exile, aimed to preserve democracy and to “send a message to China that the will of the protesters cannot be broken.” This idea is now promoting another activist Simon Cheng.

“Shadow Parliament can send a very clear signal to Beijing and Hong Kong authorities that democracy should not be at the mercy of Beijing. We want to create an informal civic groups, which, of course, reflect the views of the Hong Kong people,” said Chen.

However, Simon Chen refused to answer the question, where will meet the Parliament in exile.

However, it is likely that the headquarters of this emigre organization will be located in London. The fact that the Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson has announced that those Hong Kong residents who fear for their liberty, have the right to move to Britain. Until 1997, Hong Kong was vladium the UK, because many people remained there right to citizenship of the United Kingdom.

Beijing is indignant at such position of the UK. In response, the Chinese authorities receive accusations that they violate the Treaty, which was concluded in 1997 and provided for a regime of “one country, two systems”. Under this agreement, China pledged not to violate the democratic principles of life in Hong Kong until 2047.

To the international condemnation of China joined the United States of America. On the basis of the investigation of the suppression of democracy in Hong Kong, the us Congress adopted the draft of sanctions against the leadership of China. This project is already approved by the Senate in the near future it should be signed by the President of the trump.