Mick McCarthy has this week, no Worries, that is the most important service providers thrashing threatens to or be an assistant coach with the indiscretions of a media storm lost ride: Roy Keane since November of last year, is no longer part of the national team.

So the way the Ex-Manchester-United-world star, first as a player and most recently as number two of McCarthy’s predecessor Martin O’neill and the Irish football this century like no Other has dominated, despite his resignation after a disappointing performance in the Nations League. is

McCarthy-coached in a certain way with Roy Keane in the back, because the two remain since the world Cup in Japan/South Korea 2002, always in an inseparable, four-leaf clover green men’s enmity connected.

Keane felt unjust

your grievances in front of more than seventeen years, “the controversial Situation in the history of the Irish Sports” (Irish Times) – moved the minds on the island still. The tragicomic story was even processed in a successful theater musical (“I, Keano”).

Keane’s anger was inflamed at the time to logistical defects. The exception-rounder was displeased that the national players had to fly coach to Japan, while it had made the club’s bosses to the front of the Business cabin cozy.

in Addition, the space in the warehouse was on the Pacific island of Saipan, dust-dry, and the Irish were lost on the journey, the training jerseys. After the captain’s interview in a newspaper without permission of the frustration of the soul had spoken, he was pulled by coach McCarthy in front of the entire force accountable.

Trainer as a “wanker,” insulted

The confrontation was totally out of control. Keane accused the North of England Barnsley-born man, to be no true Irishman, berated him as a “wanker” and turned his contempt no secret. “I don’t believe in you as a player, as a coach and as a human not”, he let his superiors know. The tantrum culminated in the anatomically interesting prompt McCarthy to stick the world Cup “in the balls.”

Keane was sent prior to the start of the tournament to go home, the Irish still made it to the second round and were eliminated against Spain in the penalty shoot-out. Keane’s former club coach Alex Ferguson, believed to know in a debate with McCarthy, the team with the rebellious captain had come on the court at the time, even to the semi-finals.

“I said that we would not have survived with Keane the group phase,” said McCarthy. “We haven’t agreed to be in this matter of an opinion.”

relationship, despite reconciliation

Keane’s tense controversy Ausbootung overshadowed success in sport and contributed significantly to McCarthy lost after a bad Start in the qualification for the world Cup in 2004, his office. Although the counterparty in 2006 reconciled officially, the tension palpable. Shortly before the dismissal of O’neill and Keane McCarthy, more or less, applied to the national coach and criticized the ongoing hype about his Ex-captain as “crazy”.

Keane had the injured players during his five years in office, repeated lack of dedication, under, a number of times with team members and beaten with a full-bodied statements continuously in the headlines is determined. “The Roy Keane Show must end”, was TV pundit and Ex required-professional Eamonn Dunphy already 2014.

For McCarthy, it would be a late satisfaction, that many of the players showed after his return easier. O’neill had made the call to his players to engage in the recreation but with the Juggling of a tennis ball to work on your technique, little friends. In addition, Keane’s had to endure relentless intensity is difficult. “The atmosphere is definitely different,” said defender Matt Doherty (Wolverhampton) in front of McCarthy’s Comeback victory in Gibraltar (1:0) six months ago. “All are happy and the Training is more precise. This is Mick’s merit.”

So right out of Keane’s shadow, he will be able to thanks to the soap Opera of Saipan probably never occur, but at least it is in the case of the Irish people now calm as long not more. As long as McCarthy enters the qualification more reasonable results, he must not fear of the past obtained.