In a speech praised the former First Lady, Laura Bush, Laysanalbatrosse for their Loyalty. Laysanalbatrosse are considered to be icons of monogamy. The Seabird, which breeds on the Islands of Hawaii reached an age of 60 to 70 years and applies to the breeding season each with the same Partner, a chick raising – sometimes for a lifetime.

But there is such a thing with monogamy in the animal Kingdom. And also of heterosexuality. Because these are human categories.

If Bush would have chosen the Laysanalbatrosse also as a shining example for your political views, if you had known then, what’s the research-and-white today?

Debunked by DNA-analysis

Every year, a colony gathered together at a place called Kaena Point. In the six months previously roamed, the birds alone of the North Pacific ocean in search of squid or crabs. In November, the white albatrosses return with a wingspan of nearly two metres on the Hawaiian island of Oahu to breed.

researchers have found that a third of the pairs of Kaena Point consists of two female birds. This amazing discovery was only through DNA analysis, as males and females of the species is the same in the spring. To the bottom of this the researchers came to the birds, since in some nests two eggs each were found. An Albatross female lays only one copy.

Monogamous is not true

same-sex couples have the same behavior as the mixed colleagues. And two females can also bring the Chicks out. Pair also with males. Sexual Fidelity, there is not in animals (virtually), even in species, which we refer to as a monogamous.

Homosexual behavior has been observed in about 1500 species, such as the creators of an exhibition on the subject have calculated. The phenomenon is complex – very likely, there is no single explanation for why homosexual behavior in the animal occurs in abundance. Also not why the Laysanalbatrossen such a high number of same-sex couples.

the only certainty is: The nature shows us only that homosexual behavior is nothing unnatural.

Simon Jäggi (38) is a boy singer of the rock band the sorrow, works at the natural history Museum of Bern and keeps chickens. He writes every second Friday of the VIEWS.