About two weeks, the Bosnian Vana V.* (†31) lived with their four children in the woman’s house. You had to of Qerim B.* (60), the father of her children, also a Bosnian, separate. Previously, the two lived together in Habkern BE. “He was pathologically jealous. Every contact she had, he saw as a possible affair. He has even photographed the mileage of your speedometer to check how far you drove,” says Ladina b.* (36). She is the daughter from the first marriage of Qerim B. “And the daughter of a murderer”, as she added in an interview with LOOK bitter.

Tragic: escape to the women’s house is not saved Vana V.. On Wednesday, a week ago you can to persuade your life partner to a Meeting and going to the junkyard in Oey BE. Step-sister Ladina white: “she wanted to bring him the two small children, so that he could see. In addition, they wanted to visit at 14 o’clock in Spiez an apartment. There, they never came.”

With the Hammer slaying?

Because: Qerim B. his 29 years younger partner is killed in the junkyard. In relationship it means that he had slain the mother of four with a Hammer. According to the Canton police of Bern, blunt and sharp violence was in the game. Several items from the scrap yard to be currently examined, to check whether there are the guns.

In Oey say that the lessor of the property: “The two children arrived just before lunch to us and told us, her mother bleeding on the head.” For Vana, any help comes too late. Qerim B. sitting, meanwhile, in pretrial detention.

Violent threats before the fact

Ladina B. the cruel motives of their father knows. The step-sisters were best Friends, stuck together like pitch and sulfur. “I visited you in the city in which she was in the woman’s house, and told her to meet up with my dad – he would kill you. She told me that my father was supposed to have said: “If I can’t have you, should you have no other.””

The anger of Ladina B. your father is endless: “He has taken my A and O, my best friend. He has now two women on the Conscience. For his second wife, Vanas mother had killed herself because of him.”

step-daughter, also the mother of the four children

VIEW searches bring Amazing to light: The second wife of Qerim B. had taken 2008 in Frutigen, BE the life. During the Bosnian Ladina B. brought into the marriage, she had with Vana V. also has a daughter from his first marriage.

at some point a fling between Vana and her 29-year-older stepfather Qerim began, according to Ladina. “The Baby, the Vana got 16, I called my brother, because I knew exactly who the father was: My own father,” says Ladina B., and shakes her head: “Yes, he had impregnated his own stepdaughter! On the same day, as I discovered and he admitted it in front of the whole family, hanged himself Vanas mom.” Ladina remembers that she was the Only one you have grieved. The Bosnians testifies with Vana a further three children. Until he robs you of last week, the mother brutally!

“My father has taken from me all I loved. And now he has torn the whole family apart. Even if we were randomly thrown together, we had a huge Cohesion,” says his daughter. For your father has only anger and harsh words: “He is a pig dog! He killed them easily. I hope that he will be severely punished.”

* names have been changed