Energex spokesperson Justin Coomber reported a power station was hit by lightning at High Street at Brassall, causing outages to over 1,300 homes and businesses.

Neighborhood resident Leanne Roberts stated it seemed as the lightning”was at the home”.

“It was probably the loudest crack I’ve discovered in the storms in this region,” she explained.

Nearly 1,900 possessions had electricity provide changed when power lines came at Mango Hill.

“Since the storms cleared fast, our emergency repair crews have managed to acquire on the scene quickly,” Mr Coomber said.

Teams were working in the Toowoomba area, where more than 800 properties experienced outages.

Meteorologist Rosa Hoff stated the storms, which stretched from Caboolture to the boundary, were quickly moving.

“They weren’t severe storms, also didn’t create heavy rain or strong wind,” Ms Hoff explained.

“It is not strange to observe a few cold weather storms in the time of year, however they’re more prevalent in the southern countries.”

The State Emergency Service hasn’t received any calls for storm support.

Further inland, 28mm of rain fell in the Highfields and between 15 and 20mm dropped between Oakey and Toowoomba.