It is the game of the year for the Lucerne. Today, the Cup rises in the semi-final of the swisspor arena (20.15 clock). For the first time since 1992, the FCL to get the Chübel in the heart of Switzerland. In 2012, it failed just at the time of Lucerne lost the Final against FC Basel in a penalty shoot-out. Seven years later, the FCL wants to get back into the endgame.

A hurdle is still to take: Today, FC Thun is guest at the swisspor arena. Lucerne enjoys a right in this Cup-semi-final home. More of a curse than a blessing? In the League the Lucerne are home to the weakest Team. Worse than GC! “Me?” ask coach Thomas Häberli addressed to the home weakness. No, during the whole season. “Then there is nothing to say. The statistics do not,” the FCL-Trainer cool is lying. Nevertheless, he is happy to have today. “We are pleased that we can play at home. We look forward to the Fans. And we will all try to come to Bern.”

In the League, and the Lucerne from 15 home games picked up only four victories. After all, it was in the Cup in front of their home crowd more successful. After the 4:0 victory in the quarter-final against champion YB in the beginning of March.

Thun never Cup-winner,

, the Lucerne after the 2:1-go away success against St Gallen with a lot of confidence going into this knockout game. “The success against St. Gallen was very important. He does the Moral good. Now we want to attack on Tuesday,” says Marvin Schulz, last Saturday against the Espen double-scorer. And Goalie Dave Zibung adds: “The game starts at Zero. We’ll have to do a huge effort to be against Thun successfully. But let’s go with a positive feeling in the semi-final.”

And Thun? Could only win once in the history of the club to a Cup semi-final (1955). 2014 you failed shoot-out against the FCZ in the penalty. Today, it should finally. “We want to reach the Cup final. We need to pool all of our enthusiasm and our passion and show why we have to us then as children for the game of football decided,” says Thun-coach Marc Schneider. “Many players know this Situation. For me, the Cup final is the biggest game in Switzerland, and for the it is worth to invest everything.”

this season, Thun have never lost against the FCL (two wins, one draw). Whether it will remain in the Cup in the Non-past?

Lucerne – 17 Torbeteiligungen in the League and three in the Cup is Pascal Schürpf (image) this season to the public, the performance of the Lucerne. And with two goals against YB in the quarter-finals, the 29-year-old Basel large proportion of this has been that the FCL is in the semi-final. But now the Swiss have to fear for the game against Thun to Schürpf. He has struggled with calf problems. Last Saturday in a 2:1 victory against St Gallen, he was missing in the squad. “We wanted to take any risks”, explained coach Thomas Häberli. “We look at day-to-day.” Also yesterday, the FCL could give those responsible are still not clear. Schürpf would really would be lost to the FCL a lot of Cup experience: Schürpf is allowed to call himself a two-time Cup winner (2010 and 2012 Basel).