Sugar possum — love at first sight. His appearance touches that just want to get this wonderful, big-eyed dwarf’s hands and immediately settle in his apartment. And it is quite possible. The little Aussie does not apply to endangered species, it can be purchased, and the cost is in the range of 5-15 thousand rubles. But the contents of unusual animal not to everyone’s shoulder.

In the wild these animals live in a pack, so painfully alone. They need intensive communication, without which fall into the Blues. So the flying squirrel will definitely need someone for company, best friend or girlfriend. Otherwise, be prepared for the fact that you have to play the role of a human possum. And preferably closer to the later time of day, because the day the animal is resting, and he doesn’t like it when he was awake. If the kids want to play, he’ll have a sign — bark thin voice, a pocket dog. In General, in its Arsenal a lot of sounds: purring, growling, chirping, and even a plaintive lament.

Possum lightweight, only weighs 100-150 grams, and small — 15-20 inches, without counting the tail. Although without a tail does not, because it not only serves as a rudder in flight but helps to carry all sorts of important things — from fruits to branches.

For a happy life sugar possum need a comfortable enclosure, and the distance between the bars should be no more than one centimeter, otherwise the baby will get out and get lost in the apartment. No doubt, the flying squirrel will find a safe shelter — and discover one hundred grams of happiness is not the easiest quest. Most importantly, do not throw it away accidentally with a pile of unnecessary things. Your baby might hide in a wardrobe, get in a jacket pocket, to put the curious nose everywhere, even in the socket or in the trash!

home for the possum, it is desirable to furnish comfortably. Useful hanging house a kind of asylum where you can hide from Intrusive hosts and a bright light, a hammock as well as twigs, ladders, snags. And, of course, different safe and very durable toys, because the teeth of the baby prostree.

the nature of the beast rather complex and independent, like all wild animals. He just seems helpless, but is able to defend their rights. Better not try to take him up by force. If the possum something you will not like, may hurt to bite.

In the pet food finicky. Feed the flying squirrel from the table it is impossible. In its menu should include fruits, milk products, live food — crickets, grubs, worms, crickets. These delicacies are not for the squeamish owners. Sometimes it’s nice to treat pet for dessert, biscuits, honey, yogurt or baby food.

If you put a lot of patience and spend a lot of time, sugar possum will be able to tame. It was even going onto tsyatsya to the name and to resort to the call. But don’t count on the fact that the creature will carry out all the commands, like a dog, or fawn on me like a cat. To teach sugar possum to urinate in a tray — a task almost impossible. Animal facilitated where it wants, including jumping. Labels are leaves of the dwarf flying squirrel, very fragrant.

But the smell is one thing, but a stranger is another. The possum may not like the scent of your new perfume or cleaning products for the bath, and he will find the opportunity to declare loudly about this.

Aviary is a microscopic tenant must keep clean, otherwise an unpleasant smell fills the whole house. Of course, you should immediately remove odorous markers that the possum leaves everywhere — on the master’s favorite sofa, or clothes, and even on the chandelier. But the animal wash optional: first, he does not like it, and secondly, perfectly cleaned without assistance.

Lives this kind of home UFOs for more than ten years, there are even real elders seventeen years old. And at any age, big-eyed creature on its own magic carpet tenderness. Those are moments of happiness. But as they say, should pay for everything!

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