In the Corona-times require many of the home-office, virtual conferencing via Video. The not free is always running smoothly. Experts give tips for smooth-running meetings.

technology inspect and test

It does not always unlock a Video. Sometimes phone conferences are the better Alternative, says efficiency expert Jürgen Kurz. This is not recommended, especially when the data networks are stable, only a few participants are in the process or it is not a documentation, of which we must discuss together.

you should Also test the features that an Online Meeting-room, always playful, recommends media coach Sabine Appelhagen. Who, when, see? How does the Chat, and how to switch from the presentation back in the video mode? “Nothing is more annoying than when the technology hooks.”

Wi – Fi Fit for the home office (display)

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discussion rules

keep Sounds trite, the most important commandment is that people only listen to you, turn to mute – that’s how we avoid Chaos and unpleasant feedback.

“In virtual Meetings, a part of the non-verbal communication is being lost,” says Short. The Participants therefore need more time than usual to reply to, after something has been said. In addition, all effort to speak clearly and slowly ought to be. The conference leader to ask more often whether everything has been correctly understood and the Participants give feedback.

Sabine Appelhagen advises the use of clear guidelines, such as participating to report at the end of the word or ask questions. For example, by reporting via the chat function or a club to give an agreed sign, for example, a colorful map in the screen keep.

On the length

pay attention Also applies in the case of video conferences: Less is more. Therefore, the Meetings should be as short as possible, and a maximum of 60 to 90 minutes, recommends Short.

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number of participants in the video meeting limit

A video meeting is simpler, if rather less people are there. Short-as a rule of thumb, a maximum of eight people. “Too many people have to contribute a little, make the connection is slow and the other, lead to that in case of doubt, to many people talking at once,” warns Andreas Weck from the digital magazine “t3n”. Therefore, only the should be, the really, really, something essential to contribute to have.


“a lot of people hanging slightly leaning forward in front of your monitors,” concludes Appel Hagen. Who wants to convince as a Manager, you should avoid it. If possible, position the Monitor with the camera at eye height, so the view is clear and directed straight ahead. “When in doubt, a couple of piles of Books, including slide,” advises the media coachin.

info capture

“The A and O is a Protocol,” explains Andreas Weck. A participant should at least write in bullet points, what will be discussed. It is also important to record who has been notified what is news and what was the result for a To-do as a result. And: “Meetings that deal with a very sensitive subject, or to the parties to the conflict participate, it should best be recorded completely,” says Weck.

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