you are tied up like so many others, to the Home Office? What sounded initially pretty relaxed, can be a few days after the ordeal. With a few simple tips, you bring structure in your new workflow and will be able to cope better.

Home-0ffice-tip #1: Rise and Shine

First of all, you should set an alarm clock and get up. Just do as you would drive to work. That is, possibly, some Breakfast, a shower and something other than sweat pants to put on. After all, who rushes straight from the bed to the Computer, is not mentally well prepared for the working day. In addition, it is the latest embarrassing if you have to get up during the video call.

Home-0ffice-tip #2: The time-smart use

you can Plan breaks and stick to them! Lunch dates and coffee breaks need to take the home office itself. Otherwise, you run the risk of cowering four hours at a stretch in front of the screen. And this is neither for productivity nor for the health well. If you are not a morning person, route Calls in the afternoon.

in Most cases, the brain is in the morning, still fresh and not with the impressions and information of the day filled. Therefore, you can do in the morning is most effective with more complex tasks. According to the Motto “Eat the Frog First”, should be the first task of the day, you at least desire. If the job is done, you can focus on the more pleasant tasks.

Home-0ffice-tip #3: a Short Meditation for Stress

quarantine, and a longer social Isolation can beat on the Psyche. You do not have to Worry, and that’s really almost all people. Meditation helps to clear your head and organize your thoughts and reflect. For this purpose, just take a few minutes.

For a Meditation you need to be a professional. Just find a quiet place and sat down in an upright position. Close the eyes and breathe in and out consciously. Each time you Exhale you count from ten down. Whenever you find yourself overwhelmed and feel stressed, you should take the time for this little Meditation. Several studies have now shown that regular Meditation reduces the stress level in a sustainable way.

Home-0ffice-tip #4: maintain contacts and networked

to stay focus Even if it is in the Home Office first easy and not to be constantly hit on by colleagues to be distracted, these inter-actions for our mental health and well-being is essential. Maintain Call therefore, your social contacts with Skype and Chats. Because at the Moment, many people in the Home Office work, you can also call between a friend. Shared experiences connect. In addition, it is the exchange of helpful experiences and for a few minutes from the Routine to break out.

Home-0ffice-tip #5: Healthy eating in the Home Office

proper nutrition is one point that you may not just in the Home Office not to underestimate! The basic rules are: Not at your Desk to eat, take time for a lunch break. Best at the dining table or eat on the balcony, since you get fresh air and change of scenery head off. The Positive on the Home-Office is this: you can want to eat what you are and are not from the company canteen or Takeaway around the corner dependent.

What should come on the plate? The best light dishes with lots of vegetables, complex carbohydrates (whole grains!) and at least a source of protein. The daily routine is more fluid, if you are planning already in the evening what they want to eat and a part of the court’s pre-cooked. For Snacks, nuts, and fresh fruit are suitable. In addition, the Home Office provides the perfect opportunity to, for example, the interval to try out fasting. (Read here for all to Intermittent fasting)

Home-0ffice-tip #6: Work-out for the home

most of The gyms are closed and during a quarantine, you are not allowed to leave the apartment anyway. Therefore, the perfect time is now to intensify the Work-out at home. As compensation for Work this is ideal.

you can train pull-UPS, rowing and on the Ergometer, the Cardio push. Yoga and meditation exercises help to increase flexibility and calm the unpleasant thoughts.

Home-0ffice-tip #7: to An end

work, and Private to separate can be difficult, especially if it is located spatially close to each other. Especially in the Home Office, it is complete important to the working day and to check in really quick Mails. It is helpful chokes in addition, the messages flood in, or to stop in the best case. Negative news hit the mood.

Look at the end of the day prefer funny movies and TV shows or put all the technical equipment to the side and read a book. So the body comes to rest, the melatonin level can be compensated for, and you sleep better.

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