It is Toruk – The First Flight is one of the most successful stage productions of: “”. The Cirque-du-Soleil-spectacle tells the prequel to the hit movie “Avatar,” and after four years touring the world for the first Time in Zurich is holding. To the great joy of the stars of screen and Stage, Nick Beyeler (44).

“It’s a great feeling when your friends and your mommy sitting in the audience,” says the native of Bern. “Out of sheer enthusiasm to be home, I’ve got my show colleagues persuaded to go to a Fondue dinner – despite the summer temperatures.”

Beyeler puts in

Ex-acrobatic world champion Beyeler plays in “Toruk”, since yesterday to 16. To see June in the Zurich Hallenstadion, a fantasy creature is. “Because the costumes are knatscheng, I need to watch my diet,” says Beyeler. “Apart from the Fondue, I cook in my mobile mini-kitchen all by yourself.”

the Make-up Beyeler puts himself in Hand: “In half an hour I’m turning from the bleaching of the Swiss in a complete blue Na’vi.”