White beaches, plenty of sunshine and low cost of living. For foreigners living in Thailand certainly has its appeal. Especially German and Swiss pensioners appreciate the advantages of the Southeast Asian country.

The more this advertisement attracts: “Exchange new Villa with large Pool in Pattaya, Thailand against beautiful condo in Luzern/Zug/Zürich”. The pepperwood resort, advertise in Thailand for new people interested in Switzerland.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the party town of Pattaya, a relaxation beckons in luxury villas: a Minimum of 450’000 Swiss francs, will cost a property with a Pool. A total of 36 objects in the three pepperwood resort, owned by the Swiss entrepreneur Armin Bättig. You bought, rented and exchanged.

Unusual to have a trade

What at first glance looks to a deal with hook, seems to be on the second but meant seriously: “Basically, the pepperwood Resorts have a good reputation,” says Michael Vender (64), estate agents in Thailand. However, it was the first Time he hear of such a barter in the real estate market.

The Berlin lived for 16 years in Thailand and has been for six years in the real estate industry in the coastal town of Hua Hin. Its customers are mainly German and Swiss, looking for a place to Stay for retirement. Who was getting into a barter, need a good lawyer, recommends Vender.

“To the exchange offer have already reported some of the interested parties, an exchange has already taken place,” says Daniel Bertschi (51) to VIEW. He is the contact person of the Pepperwood Resorts in Switzerland, and says that the idea came to listing originally about a customer who wanted to swap his condo in Lucerne against a house in Thailand.

Whether purchase or exchange, legally make no difference: “Also in the case of an exchange, a regular purchase is placed a contract on the property and the lease law,” says Bertschi.

buying a house for foreigners problematic

Ulrich Eder (58), the said advertisement to be known. The German lawyer in Bangkok advises purchase foreign customers are by the house. “A home exchange is certainly a bit unusual, since it is quite unlikely that the matching of exchange partners,” he says. Legally, an offer was perfectly legitimate.

Basically, the house was purchase in Thailand for foreigners, but problematic. The reason is that Only Thais are allowed to purchase land. Is usual that foreigners leave the house on gepachtetem buy Land or build. The lease contract runs over 30 years and has two extension options – a total of 90 years. “Not a sound investment,” explains lawyer Eder.

“The foreign Investor thinks that he might acquire a legal position similar to the plot of the property. In fact, he receives only a poorly negotiated lease.” And in spite of the purchase agreement for the acquisition of the property, he think, from a legal perspective there is no property.

security through founding of the company

Who draws upon his Retirement after Thailand, will probably not experience for the next 30 years. The death of the alien, breaking the model. According to Eder, a Thai lease can not be inherited. In his opinion a property back in this case, in spite of the contract of purchase automatically to the Thai land owner.

anyone Who wants to purchase the house, or exchange for sure going to start a company, recommends lawyer Eder. This, however, must be 51% Thai owned. So the land can be purchase and the lease contract is history. If you do everything right is protected and also the heirs do not look at the end of the tube.

over ten years ago, there was a greater increase in the number of Swiss pensioners who moved to Thailand. Depth cost of living, a warm climate and wide beaches make up the rest was quite pleasant. Striking: The number of Thailand-pensioners is increasing from year to year as reported in 2005, only 528 pensioners Thailand as a resident, ten years later, already over 2500. By the end of 2017, the Swiss compensation office was one there, 3320 pension recipients – as many as never before. Of 2736 persons receive an AHV retirement pension, the remaining 584 pensions additional pensions for spouses or Survivors ‘ pensions for widows and orphans. According to the Swiss abroad statistics, a total of 8933 Swiss citizen currently resident in Thailand and are logged in. Maren Meyer