Many dogs accompany their owners in everyday life every step of the way, or a dog sitter will take care of you – but now, where you stay more often at home and, if possible, in the home office to work, it changes the daily life for the four-legged friends.

For the animals, it is helpful, as much as possible of the daily Routine to maintain, for example, the time when you get your food or when to go with them out. Walks continue to be allowed and also in the apartment you can deal with dogs with Play well. So you remain in spite of everything, balanced and relaxed.

In the pursuits you can be creative, but you have to always make sure that the animal is not overwhelmed or in any way compromised. The following Exercises and pastimes are ideal for dogs:

Search games

most dogs are going crazy to Search for which you with your nose to work. In the case of the simple variant to hide treats while the dog waits in another room, and let him then search.

If this game is not yet known, show the dog the first one or two hiding places, together with the command “Search”. After that, the rules of the game are clear for the dog normally quickly and he understands the command.

The more demanding variant of the work, either with a toy, the man shows the dog previously, or with a treat-filled Snack-Dummy, which is often used in Retriever Training. After Hiding the dog to find the toy or Dummy and to bring to its owner. As a reward, there is a tasty treat.


A bone in the dog is an appropriate Size, can be a good game. Through the Biting and Chewing can react, the dog and de-Stress. A tasty distraction, if the holder is employed in the home office with the work.


A ball or a toy (to the extent permitted by the premises or the garden) is thrown and should be brought back from the dog. In this game, you can press the dog’s sporty and a little energy to get rid of. Also on the way dogs like to play in this way with their owners.

obedience and muscles to train

basic commands like “sit”, “down” and “Come” are only suitable to practice obedience, but also to train the muscles a little. If the dog changes Position from Sitting to Lying, is this already a small workout for him.

More than four or five Times a day, one should not repeat in a healthy animal these Exercises but. Otherwise, the individual muscles could be strained. Older or sick dogs, or only should make these Exercises with a animal physiotherapists.


to learn If the dog has mastered so far, only a few commands, you can use the time together to Practice new Tricks. Shake hands, Crawl, rotate in a circle or side-to-side roll on the ground, can be learned quickly. Dogs are very clever and are happy when the owner deals with them.

patience and praise are important for a successful Training. In the Internet you will find many Tutorials by dog trainers to explain how you practiced the art pieces step by step.

treats in boxes

Individual treats can be placed in the roll in the empty kitchen, which you fold over on both Ends and in boxes that are, in turn, filled with smaller cardboard boxes, such as, for example, the empty tea-boxes, or egg cartons. So the dog has something to do and have to use nose, muzzle and paws sent the Goodies to track down, and to get to this.

In this employment, you should make sure that the dog eats the box – some animals tend to be more than others, things to eat, not do you good.


Cuddling is set to Oxytocin in the body, which provides relaxation and reduces Stress and the bond between human and animal strengthens. This also applies to the care of the coat, for example, when brushing. Almost every dog loves to be petted and to receive the undivided attention.

Depending on the workplace, in the home office and the Size of the dog, the animal can lie during the professional activity on the Lap or right next to his people. Per day adult dogs need up to 14 hours of sleep.

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