Home cleaning: virologist told, what means to kill coronavirus

Scientists had accurate information about how much СOVID-19 may persist on various surfaces. It turns out, some he can live up to 17 days.

Valuable information was obtained after examination of the American cruise ship Diamond Princess passengers which in February was quarantined due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

a Few weeks the ship was in port, the last passengers left on the ground only March 1, and was isolated for 14 days. Every fifth of 3711 passengers were infected with a coronavirus.

Before disinfecting the ship, the scientists took samples of microorganisms from various surfaces, and one of the plastic parts found RNA (ribonucleic acid) COVID-19.

However, according to experts, this does not mean that the coronavirus was spreading on the liner after touching people to objects.

They explain that the cabins discovered RNA virus, and the living cells of the virus in the cabins was not found. Accordingly, the finding does not indicate that COVID-19 was transferred to someone from these surfaces.

basically, in terms of survival on surfaces COVID-19 is a little different from other coronaviruses, that is stored for a short time. On the copper half of the virions have died after 46 minutes on cardboard — after three and a half hours.

the longest COVID-19 lasted for steel and plastics.

Russian scientists, however, draw attention to the fact that these data were obtained in experiments in laboratories, in reality, the virus may behave differently.

“you should Always keep in mind that this model of research, i.e. research in experimental conditions, when a certain known quantity of virus is placed on a certain surface at a certain temperature, humidity and so on. What will happen in a real situation? These data are difficult to extrapolate to life,” — said the TV channel “Russia 24” the virologist, member of the internationala native of the working group for vaccines International Federation of pharmaceutical manufacturers and associations Yuri Vasiliev.

In the capital for several weeks measures on sanitation of public transport. Clean all surfaces, including handrails, glass, seats and the cab driver.

the subway all the tunnels disinfected with a disinfectant with help of special machines, cars quartzose portable ultraviolet lamps, and trains a series of “Eye” and “Moscow” air cleaning occurs automatically. Air filters on the trains are changed now in 2 times more than usual.

From the infection trying to protect itself, and couriers. Some treated with antiseptics even calls at the apartment.

in order to protect themselves from infection at home? Virologists claim: it is enough to traditional antiseptics.

Yuri Vasiliev says that this can be a traditional means for washing floors, or washing dishes, the soap.

“Because the virus shell, the lipids are rapidly broken down and all the virus is not able to cause infection,” says the virologist.

Text: Meteotest