the From the 50. Age year I have per year, five weeks of holidays

many employers are Actually so generous. But: The statutory holiday entitlement is four weeks. Only persons under the age of 20 have, according to the Swiss code of obligations for five weeks holiday.

Who is working half-day, has received only half as many vacation weeks

part-time employees at least four weeks of paid vacation. The point is this: A weeks holiday has exactly the same number of hours as a working week.

In the hours wage for me. no paid holidays

But, even hourly wage earners aligned are entitled to at least four weeks of paid vacation per year In the case of strongly fluctuating wages, it is allowed, the holiday Supplement to the current wage pay. The Supplement must be in the contract and in each payroll separately. With four weeks holidays, the surcharge is 8.33 per cent, at five weeks to 10.64 percent.

My old boss paid me never take a holiday. Can something be done?

holiday claims become time-barred only after five years. You can ask for this time retroactive to their holiday. You are no longer employed there already, must be paid the holiday balance.

Unused vacation days from the previous year expire at the end of March

is not True: The limitation period is for a vacation of five years, no matter what is in the regulations. And because you shoot from the holiday account, first the oldest credits expire, holidays, days barely ever.

Start planning at least 18 months in advance to adjust the Route according to the time frame (often less is more!)Route weather (in the southern hemisphere summer when we have Winter here) and political conditions (war, civil unrest, Ebola, etc.) to vote on the vehicle and the crew (!) on a holiday trip and under realistic conditions

test to Go slowly, to gain experience you are planning on travel breaks and holidays einÜberfordern neither the crew nor the vehicle (a mobile Home is not a 4×4)You are open to the people and listen to them in situations of uncertainty on her belly

you are Planning the trip home as well as the departure prepare yourself mentally for the “home shock” vorNähern the home slowly and carefully, contact your old employer, maybe he is glad you are back!

don’t Forget the sheer planning of the trips! Set a departure date and stick to it. Then everything goes by itself. At least almost …

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I decide for myself, when I was in the holiday drive

no, basically, the employer determines the. He must, however, take your wishes into consideration, so far as the operation is possible. And if he wants to dictate to the holiday time, it needs to be good reason for this. In addition, he must give at least two to three months in advance, so that you can plan. Under no circumstances he is allowed to force you in a bad job situation in the short term, for hours or days in respect of Holiday ways. Add to this: a Minimum of two weeks vacation per year should hang together.

May whistle the boss of me from vacation or approved vacation stress?

This would only be allowed in extreme emergencies, such as when an important date is pending and lots of colleagues fail due to disease. The employer would have to apply in such a case, all Cancellation or return travel costs.

The boss is allowed to prevail, no holidays block – or?

But, he may issue the instruction or an agreement, to be entered in a certain time – for example, in the case of financial Statements – no holidays allowed to be, because to be reckoned with especially a lot of work. The supervisor should announce it but in due time, best at the beginning of the year. An employee on a trip then anyway, may terminate the employer with immediate effect.

am I entitled to unpaid leave?

no, this is a matter of negotiation. With one exception: employees under 30 years of age, the law guarantees a year of unpaid holiday week for extracurricular youth work. This only applies to unpaid leadership, care or Advisory activities.

During the holidays there are neither commissions or shift allowances.

Wrong, during the holidays, you are entitled to the same pay as if they had worked. This is also a reasonable average of the Commission as well as regularly applicable shift allowances.

With a doctor’s certificate, I can make up for holiday days later.

If you are in the holiday sick or injured, you must decide for the doctor whether you are still on the recovery or not – because that is the purpose of a holiday. The holiday(un)ability will be judged differently than the working(un)ability. You should be actually on holiday unable to, you can download the holiday.

this Is also true for bridge day?

no. In many companies, over the year, work will get hours advanced and at the so-called bridge days moved in. However, this is merely a shift of working hours and not on holidays days. So, who is on a long weekend sick, has bad luck and can’t download the Vorholtag – one is then simply the leisure to be sick.

I’m written up to August sick, but I have entered a long holiday for July. Can I drive still in the holiday?

you if you vacation able. Counting the days then, but also as a holiday. Whether you are on holiday to work, you must evaluate a doctor.

The employer is not allowed to me to shorten the holidays, when I’m sick.

But. But only if they are longer than two months, have been sick. For the first absence a month is not reduced, then the reduction shall be pro full disease month one-twelfth. In the case of partial incapacity for work, and it takes longer until a holiday reduction should be made.

Applies also, if one is missing due to military or maternity?

in The military service, it behaves exactly the same as in the case of illness. In the case of a pregnancy, however, is cut only from the third full absence of the month. During the statutory maternity leave of 14 weeks after the birth, no reduction is allowed.

When I come back through no fault of late from the holidays: do I still Receive the reward?

no, it does not fall into the operating risk of the employer and is not due to the Person, if your holidays extend unintentionally – for example, because, according to avalanche, the only street in the tailings was spilled into the valley. Here are the force majeure circumstances “” and they carry the risk themselves – and this time no reward to claim.

When I was at the end of the contract of employment, vacation days, can I leave the company earlier.

This should be the rule: holidays are to be obtained whenever possible, as a leisure. But there are exceptions. If the employer has valid operational reasons, can refuse the respect of Holiday and the rest of the holiday pay off for once. This payment is made without a Supplement.

If I’ve purchased at the outlet to many vacation days there Are, then, payroll deduction, or must I stay longer?

The employment relationship ends in any case on the scheduled day. Whether or not a claim for recovery from the too much related Ferienlohns is permissible, it does not regulate the law itself. Often, appropriate provisions are to be found in the personnel regulations. In practice, it is necessary to distinguish: the employee, the vacation on their own wish, and announces then self, you can deduct the employer too much related to holiday pay. The chief announces he is himself to blame, if the employee has not earned the cost of the holiday. A payroll deduction would not be justified.