the abolition of roaming charges within the Union state, said the Secretary of state, the interests of all. The ministries of communication, there is a “road map”, according to which, until October of this year, the question needs to be solved. The “road map” is performed in accordance with the schedule, there is no problem. The sides discussed the pace and involvement of all players in this process. To summarize, the Ministry of communications and information of both countries promised to September and October to resolve this issue, concluded the state Secretary of the Union state.

as for the question of mutual recognition of visas, according to Grigory, “things are moving, there is hope that the issue will be resolved this year.”

the Issues of access of Belarusian enterprises to the Russian market and their participation in public procurement, according to Grigory Rapota, not political in nature, they are purely technological.

“If you take our electronic trading platform, it is necessary to adjust the forms that are populated when it is accessed. The discussion also focused on the intergovernmental agreement on mutual recognition of Bank guarantees, they are necessary in the implementation of public procurement”, – said Union state Secretary.

exports to Russia of agricultural products, as well as their transit through Russia to third countries is not affected radically the relations between our countries.

“There are some failures, is the so-called problem of “false transit”. Tuning mechanism associated with the improvement of information systems, – said Grigory Rapota. In this connection, questions were raised about the electronic seals that track the movement of goods. We are talking about pairing information systems of the two countries, and there are several, which would help to resolve these issues and would make a more smooth and intuitive process of export-import”.

the standing Committee of the Union state is actively preparing to the International festival of arts “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk”.

“All organizational activities are conducted. As long as everything remains in force. Of course, if you do not happen anything that would not allow us to participate in it, but until we have such reasons do not see, – said Grigory Rapota. – The Union state day will be held on July 17. It is planned the speech of Sergey Zhilin and his jazz band “Phonograph” concert “Live music movies”. The exhibitions Khokhloma and works of the Torzhok gold”.

Annually civil-Patriotic cadet change of the Union state. This year she also planned.

“If will not prevent a pandemic. This clause applies to any of our projects, which is associated with a large number of people. Before we my plans are not changing, but in the process they may have to adjust,” said Grigory Alexeevich.

Change of rightsthe government of Belarus will not affect the projects of the Union state, believes Grigory Rapota said.

“I do not expect any difficulties. Of course, the arrival of a new person sometimes inhibits the flow of documents, because he needs to assess the situation. But in practice we while anything similar did not face,” he said. He also said that he was familiar with Roman Alexandrovich Golovchenko, the new Chairman of the government of Belarus: “We interacted in practical work, there were only positive impressions. I hope our future cooperation will remain at the same high level.”

the Idea for the joint vaccine no one rejects, it is necessary that scientists of Russia and Belarus stated.

“it is Desirable that they said they are ready to cooperate in the development of the vaccine. Until I I have no such information, – said Grigory Rapota. I know that in Russia work on vaccine development in Belarus is also going research work in this vein. We propose to look again at the product of our joint programs – “Lactoferrin”, which is a potent immunomodulator. It is clear that this is not a drug and a vaccine can’t make him, but as a powerful immunomodulator can be used. Now we encourage the Russian and Belarusian scientists to this drug I looked and thought that it is possible to extract useful”.

According to Grigory Rapota, one of the projects is the construction of a nuclear power plant in Belarus will give a powerful impetus to the development of the economy. In addition, a joint infrastructure projects – road and railway, air transport.

“we Have an example of such a project: “Amkodor” is building two plants in Russia, and MAZ is considering the possibility of production and supply of buses to natural gas. Such projects are essential because they strengthen the infrastructure of the Union state”, – said Grigory Rapota.