If we screws time a few weeks back, so was Anders Holch Povlsen among the world’s 400 richest, but that’s how it seems longer.

For if one takes a look down upon Bloombergs list of the world’s 500 richest, so you have to look far after best-seller-owner.

You will find him actually not at all.

And it is a noticeable change for Anders Holch Povlsen, who, according to Finance.the uk was number 392 on the list just two weeks ago with an estimated fortune of 35 billion dollars, while he last week was in place number 468 with an estimated fortune of 27.4 billion dollars.

According to Finance.dk is among other things a massive price declines at Asos and Zalando, which has meant that Anders Holch Povlsen has slipped completely out of Bloombergs top-500 of the world’s richest.

the Shares in the two companies is, according to the medium decreased with respectively 60 and 35 percent.

But it is not just Anders Holch Povlsen, who coronakrisen has had serious consequences for.

750 employees in his business Bestseller received in the past week, a fyreseddel as a result of coronavirussens spread the world over.

“For our company it means that we suddenly find ourselves in a crisis, as we would have sworn would never be possible for us and our loved ones Bestseller,” said Anders Holch Povlsen in the connection.

in the Middle of the dark time, however, there is also flashes of light for the family Holch Povlsen. In the past week, could Anders Holch Povlsen and his wife announce that they had become parents to twins.

“Wednesday 11. march is the Anne and Anders Holch Povlsen been the parents of two velskabte twin girls after a fine graviditetsforløb and a birth without complications,” it said in a statement.

the Pair lost last year three children during a terrorist attack in Sri Lanka.