Hockey player CSKA Nesterov bought a box of vodka to combat coronavirus

Nikita Nesterov Nikita Nesterov
CSKAHockey / YouTube

defender of the Moscow hockey club CSKA Nikita Nesterov at the end of the open training before the start of the second round of the Gagarin Cup in the Continental hockey League (KHL) against fellow countrymen from “Dynamo” responded to questions of journalists about the pandemic coronavirus and shared his method of combating the spread of infection.

“there is no Panic. I have a box of vodka I bought, so ready to fight. Live as he lived previously. And so I sit at home in your free time and hands are always washed”, – quotes the athlete “Match TV”.

Nesterov also complained that the conditions of quarantine imposed by the Moscow authorities to counter the infection, players are hard to set yourself up for a game without the fans.

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Monday about the decision to refuse participation in the Cup of Gagarin has declared Kazakhstan “Barys”, even earlier, following the instructions of his government, with the playoffs starred Finnish “Jokerit”. Their opponents are Sibir and SKA – appeared in the next round without a fight.

Earlier, the Dynamo defender Andrei Mironov, after the victory over “Spartak” in the sixth match of the series of the Cup of Gagarin commented on the reluctance of the NHL to stop the championship following the example of other countries of the world.

“means, they’re not gone soft”, – concluded Mironov in an interview adding that “you can become infected not only by the coronavirus, and everything and anything”.

Dynamo Moscow in the regular mode prepares for the second round of the playoffs

Sunday, March 15 after two planned weekend of blue and white began preparations for the second round of the Gagarin Cup #of Mycinema

— HC Dynamo Moscow (@dynamo_ru) March 15, 2020

Meanwhile, the chief coach of “Dynamo” Vladimir Krikunov urged to exclude from the KHL Kazakhstan “Barys” and Finnish “Jokerit”, overawed before the pandemic.

“we Must expel them from the League and all. What they removed?” – said the coach “Sport-Express”.