Emmanuel Sabbi are scheduled to switch from Hobro to OB 1. July. Hobro-team he will play for fear the crazy scenario.

the League has been at a standstill for several weeks and come to it on indefinitely because of the outbreak of the coronavirus.

It can extend the season, so the first will be completed in July.

Emmanuel Sabbi are shifting from the West to the OB from 1. July, and it is not yet known, what the rules of that area becomes as it never happened before that a season has run longer than the point.

The International Football federation (Fifa) has according to Reuters, plans to allow player – and trænerkontrakter, which stands to expire in the summer, apply up to the end of any extended season. It is, however, not confirmed.

In Hobro is a team he will play for Jens Hammer Sørensen unsure of the situation and can see a completely bizarre scenario in front of him.

– The absolutely crazy scenario will be that OB ends up in another nedrykningspulje, and it ends up that we have to play against them in a playoffkamp about relegation.

– It can actually possible. This is how it looks now. That we are each our pool, ” says Jens Hammer Sørensen.

He believes that it may be a mess, if you can’t find a solution to the problem of the expiration of the spillerkontrakter.

– It might be something strange something. But we must take the time. I think we will be able to solve it, ” says Jens Hammer Sørensen.

Yet the organization of division not reported anything out of this potential problem that may arise, but in the West believe in a common solution.

– It is a strange situation to be in. We have never tried it before, so there is no precedent for anything.

– But we have a good dialogue among the youth clubs and with the organization of division. It is something of the good that has come out of it here.

– I think we are on the other side of it here comes out stronger. I think that it is something we can solve together, says hobro town team he will play.

Hobro is number 12 in the league with 19 points after 24 matches, while OB is the number 9 with 30 points.

Both clubs are sure that the ports in the nedrykningsspillet before the last two fights of the base game.