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As late as last fall was in manufacturing industry in Meløy nearly bankrupt.

In January stacked Norwegian Crystals on the legs and things so far brighter. In a short time turned everything.

Mariann Villa is associate professor at the NTNU. She believes koronakrisen can give districts a better reputation.

– For the first time in company’s history as we are against what could be a profitable year, ” notes managing director, Gøran Bye.

– We should print and bring money to the expansion in order to compete with the chinese, but it is not so easy now, ” he says.

– Sad to see several empty houses

And it is not just the church of Meløy they fear centralization now.

lack of money and permitteringer characterize the businesses in the entire country. More will go bankrupt, and half of Nho’s member companies have laid off employees.

Friday presentation of the government’s new economic measures to support businesses and safeguard jobs.

One of them going an uncertain time in the meeting is Sinje Sætherskar. She experiences again that the workplace her home Fishing are struggling.

– There are few or no similar jobs to apply for in Meløy. For many will unemployment mean to move here from, ” she says.

99.8 per cent of Norwegian Crystals competitors are in China. If they don’t win the fight for financial support, they will go bankrupt, and China has almost full monopoly on the manufacture of components to the solar panel.

Photo: Edmund Ulsnæs / New Industry

Trebarnsmoren, however, has no plans to travel.

In the best case, she needs to retrain – and in the worst case, continue to live in a built house for sale.

It will be sad to see even more empty houses, there are already a couple of them here. We will be the time that the population goes up and not down.

Researcher sees the points of light

Associate professor Mariann Villa has researched a whole part on centralization and depopulation of rural communities.

She works at the Department of sociology and political science at NTNU, and believe the value created in rural areas may get more attention now as a result of koronautbruddet.

– It is not difficult to predict that the bankruptcies with the cornerstone can lead to depopulation, and centralization. But it is interesting to see that the crisis we are in now may lead to more awareness around decentralization.

Nav is experiencing tremendous demand for: 255.000 have made contact on one and a half week

I think there is more mood to talk about the importance of the viable districts, she adds.

Dean of the business School in Bodø, Erlend Bullvåg, think not, however, korona leads to fremskynding of centralization.

– Not in the short term, in any case. As long as the major industrial systems work, many will distriktskommuner survive.

– doesn’t Move to Oslo, norway

With 65 employees is Norwegian Crystals is very important for the municipality.

the Dean Erlend Bullvåg at the business School at North university.

Therefore, sent The mayor Sigurd Stormo (Ap) recently letter to stortingspolitikerne.

Where they pray about a state guarantee to a loan of nok 40 million.

– This is not a cry for help to the permitteringer. This is an opportunity to keep people in profitable production, ” says the mayor.

the managing Director of the company, Gøran Bye, is excited about the government’s announced measures.

– If we put in Fishing, we start up again in Oslo, to put it that way.

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