To your album launch of “family-Feast” has considered the Swiss Hit Band Volxrox recently, something very Special: LOOK reader could win a contest for a private concert of the six guys from the Emmental in the Canton of Bern. In the enjoyment of the musical support of the own family, the family came Hostettler from Rüschegg to BE. Father mark (60), mother of Heidi (50) and daughter Anna (20) celebrated in the car SCHOPF your farm together, a lavish birthday party with 80 guests.

“As a Band much closer to the audience”

“It’s one of our cool, the greatest and most touching performances ever,” says Volxrox singer Simu Lüthi (30). “The whole family has welcomed us dressed in the costume. Mother Heidi could not almost believe that we can occur at your Party and had tears in his eyes. We immediately felt very comfortable with the Hostettlers.” The family members had anxiously with the musicians together, and you helped to carry tools and plant to the improvised stage. “Then we played about an hour-long acoustic Set of our Songs. Everyone sang along, danced and clapped. It was very touching.” At a gig in so intimate it was as a Band much closer to the audience. It was already at normal concerts is very important, so is the singer.

A family feast-occurs with consequences: Volxrox had the appearance of a lot of Fun at this Mini that you are already planning more concerts of this type. To play “for the Fans at home has a special charm to the place and connects the different generations,” explains Lüthi. “Even the older members of the family had the joy of our music. The a some of the was skeptical at first, has clapped along at the end, the loudest”.