the First pandemic after the exhibition of the Historical Museum offers a large collection of works by one of the key artists of the XVIII century. Fedor Rokotov not only captured members of the Royal family and representatives of the Moscow nobility, but also influenced the development of the portrait genre in General. The audience will see the pearl of the collection is a ceremonial portrait of Catherine II. He was specially ordered Rokotova to replace some disliked the Empress a similar portrait of a Parisian painter Alexander Roslin.

the Exhibition “Fyodor Rokotov. The collection of the Historical Museum” first opened to visitors in full. A large part of the exhibited works is intimate portraits of nobility in Moscow. Including images of the poet Alexander Sumarokov, count Dmitry Matyushkin and Moscow beauties Vasilchikova Alexandra. As noted in the Museum, many of these works not previously shown and some were part of the exhibition only after authentication of the brush Rokotov.

“a Collection of works by Fedor Rokotov is a real pearl of our collection, and in this fully shown for the first time. Not only the work of the Rokotova, which are attributed, but the work of his circle, his Studio,” says Director of the Museum Alexey Levykin. According to him, the exhibition was due to open in may, but because of the pandemic, the timing had to be adjusted.

the Museum is rightly proud of its collection of works by Rokotov, which ranks third by the number of pictures after the Russian Museum and the Tretyakov gallery. Today it contains 16 genuine paintings of the famous portrait painter and two copies, written together with a student.

“Copies are often ordered for the family. They cost less and were usually in the workshop, the head of which could go to your brush on the top layer and accents,” says exhibition curator Lyudmila Rudneva.

the centerpiece of the exhibition is a large ceremonial portrait of Catherine II. This is a modified copy of the painting of the Parisian painter Alexander Roslin, criticized by the Queen. “Made me the cook did 20 years older!” was she not worthy. Specially ordered then Rokotova the portrait was intended to be replaced in the copies with the original Roslin image of the face of the Empress.

roars repeatedly received orders for the creation of portraits of the Royal family, which was considered the highest attribute of recognition of his skill. Each work is a masterpiece with their “rokotovskie” eyes. “This time we offered the visitors a unique opportunity to see each work in more detail. On the monitor shows the shooting under the microscope, the x-rays and infrared rays. This allows you to look at the percent��with the creation of the painting, to mention hidden from the naked look of the layers, consider writing technique Rokotov. And he was inimitable. The artist was putting dabs of different ways — zigzag, like a fan. He has created amazing tricks that allowed you to give the eyes of the characters vividness,” — said Rudnev.

roars of the first painters of modern times have addressed the theme of man’s spiritual life. His friend, Lord Nicholas Struysky said that he “penetrated into the interior of the soul”, was able to Express the subtlest nuances of emotion in the language of painting through colors, lines, compositions.

the Museum Staff for five years researched the funds, to find the unknown artist’s work. Besides, the audience will see the process of restoration of his films shot on video in the State scientific research Institute for specially for this exhibition.