a lot of cycling fans saw it today, the repeat-on-one Luca Paolini once again with the spectacular Ghent-Wevelgem, 2015 to win. It could be the final work of art to the then 38-year-old Italian boy: in a d-tour that same year, he was, after all, was caught up in the use of cocaine and subsequent suspension proved to be the end of his career.

THE QUIZ NIGHT. Today was a normal Gent-Wevelgem in the program, and what do you know of a Flemish oerklassieker?

Exile was established in the year 2015, the Tour has taken in his body and traces of cocaine were found. He was taken by the UCI, with eighteen months suspended, but will be dreaming of making a comeback. Showed that no one in the field open up for you to stand up.

“I’ve been training hard and had a decent level,” , according to Exile at that time, the Gazzetta dello Sport. “But I couldn’t find a team. In Astana, for example, said Vinokoerov that he was to me and my dopingschorsing is not a contract and more more. I had to laugh at this. I would also like to be at the Emirates-Merida went on, but in the Arabic culture, make sure to have no mistakes with alcohol and drugs. However, I continued to believe in it. I had been using the christmas break as the deadline to put in, but nothing happened. The taste is a little bitter.”

After the positive pee testified that Exile, that his use of cocaine as a result of a dependency on sleep-inducing drugs, including the death of his brother in 2004, to be processed.


now, At 40, decided to Exile, but in order to put an end to his career. After his first time as a superknecht of The Us was, was that the Milanese themselves, is still a pretty good list of achievements to each other. He won the semi-classic Round Piëmont, the Brabantse pijl, and the Circulation of The Newspaper. At the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2004 in Verona, he was the third, and he won every one of the stages in the Tour of Spain and Giro d’italia, where he was a four-day long with the pink one was allowed to wear it.

Along with three partners, he took over in march of 2017, in the historic center of Como, in a bar, called the Bar for the Experience.

you can click here to See the summary of his victory in the famous Gent-Wevelgem.

find out More about Gent-Wevelgem to win some amazing prizes. Today was a normal Gent-Wevelgem in the program, and what do you know of a Flemish oerklassieker? What a pity, then, Gent-Wevelgem is finally finished, and the course will not take place In four weeks ‘ time, a new Ghent-Wevelgem, organized: “the Riders have asked already: is there a new date?” The flemish voorjaarskoersen to lick their wounds: what is the size of the financial hangover? And which, in the long term?