“We try to keep the courage up, but when our mothers call, we break together. There are very many around us, crying.”

At the airport in Melbourne, Australia, sits two blonde Danish girls and waiting. Surrounded by the chaos and the men in armour.

“It looks like something from the tv series ‘Chernobyl’,” says 21-year-old Helena Høeg.

At the end of december, she and gymnasieveninden Kristine 20-year course to a three-month adventure in Sri Lanka, Vietnam and finally Australia.

the Girls had worked for a year to save up, and they enjoyed the journey in full drag, but with a were all changed.

“one day we drove around in a rented minivan, hearer with Rasmus Seebach and enjoyed life, and the next day everything was chaos.”

Helena Høeg and Kristine were out at the Great Barrier Reef and had been without internet for two days. When they got back, poured it in with the messages.

“Our family and friends had written to the Ministry of foreign affairs had encouraged all to hurry home, and we began immediately to look for airline tickets,” says Dorte Høeg.

we managed to get tickets to Monday of this week, but since the two danes met up in the airport, they got a nasty surprise.

to get on the plane they should be able to show a negative coronatest.

“It managed to find a new flight for the day after, and at half past 12 in the evening we saw a doctor who told me that she could not test us, but she could make a statement that we had not had the symptoms,” says Dorte Høeg.

She and Kristine knew that the airlines required a regular test. A test, at present, can only be made in Australia, if you show any symptoms.

just Like in Denmark.

The two friends dropped therefore hope to be able to fly home and set itself to be, but on Monday night, there was suddenly good news.

“Thai Airways opened, you could fly with them, if you had a ‘fit for flight’-statement, as the doctor had made for us,” explains Helena Høegh and describes how she and Kristine rushed out to the airport, and stood up in one long queue.

we managed to get tickets for a departure shortly after. The girls rushed back to the hotel to retrieve their luggage, but back in the airport was the plane flown.

“At the time we are completely of the moment at the desk and begins to cry both of the two,” says Helena Høeg.

Thai Airways had pity on the two young danes, and after spending seven hours at the airline office in the airport, Helena, and Kristine ombooket their flight to Wednesday at 10 o’clock local time.

her Friends decided to sleep in the airport basement with a number of other stranded passengers, so they could be ready to stand in the queue, as soon as the airport opens.

“We dare not really sleep, for each time we wake, there has been new things, facing up and down on it all,” says Helena Høeg.

the Flight home is long, with two stopovers, but if all goes well, they are in Copenhagen on Friday afternoon.

It has not been cheap with the many new flights, but the girls have used their savings and got the help of their parents.

“Right now it doesn’t do so much, we will be just like home,” says Dorte Høeg.

Neither she nor Kristine dare to think on, they come home, before they sit in the aircraft.