Some well-known people were among the Reich citizens arrested in a nationwide raid. One of them is TV chef Frank Heppner, whose daughter is in a relationship with soccer star David Alaba.

It is a combo that is as illustrious as it is weird and dangerous: a prince, a former member of the Bundestag, several high ex-officers and also a star chef. Their goal: the political overthrow in Germany and the takeover of power. Before they could implement those plans, around two dozen of them were arrested in a coordinated raid on several locations in Germany and Austria on Wednesday. Frank Heppner also belonged to the terrorist group.

The chef is well-known for his TV appearances and cookbooks. And his daughter and her boyfriend are also celebrities. Shalimar Heppner is a model and runs a mail order business for women’s fashion. Her partner and father of their son is football star David Alaba, who played for FC Bayern Munich for many years and is currently active for Real Madrid.

It’s an international family: Alaba is Austrian, his mother is Filipino, his father is Nigerian, Shalimar is the daughter of Frank Heppner and an Asian mother. But both this internationality and celebrity apparently did not stop Frank Heppner from getting involved with right-wing extremists and conspiracy theorists. Inquiries from “t-online” and “Bild” at Heppner and Alaba remained unanswered.

According to media reports, Frank Heppner was arrested in the posh Austrian town of Kitzbühel. There the 62-year-old runs the kitchen in the five-star hotel “Kempinski”. Heppner, born in Munich, is a globetrotter. After his apprenticeship in Munich’s “Ratskeller” he worked for many other top restaurants worldwide. For example, he cooked for “Hilton Hotels” in Amsterdam, Strasbourg and Geneva, then also in Seoul (South Korea), or in the Philippines and Hong Kong. There he made a name for himself as a specialist in light Asian food and has published several cookbooks on the subject over the years.

After years abroad, he returned to Munich, where he cooked in luxury restaurants before ending up in Kitzbühel. His publisher writes about the chef: “He knows better than anyone else how to combine classic cuisine with Asian influences and thus create new culinary delights again and again. Today he passes on his unique cooking skills to his enthusiastic fans in cooking schools, show cooking events and as a TV chef.”

According to the Austrian newspaper “Die Presse”, the restaurateur is suspected of having procured food, kitchen utensils and an emergency generator for a comrade-in-arms. In addition, it would have been his job in the “new German form of government” to feed the military arm together with an ex-paratrooper as head of the “home security company” in canteens. This was reported by the “Kronen Zeitung”.

The federal prosecutor accuses those arrested of forming a terrorist organization. It has set itself the goal of overcoming the existing state system in Germany and replacing it with its own form of state, which has already been worked out in outline. Henry XIII Prince Reuss is listed as a “ringleader”. According to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, he was considered the future “head of state” in the association. Positions such as ministers have already been assigned, and there were also those responsible for the military arm. In total, the federal prosecutor’s office had 25 people arrested on Wednesday in one of the largest police operations in the history of the Federal Republic in eleven federal states as well as in Italy and Austria.