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Thierry Henry has tried it. Jamie Carragher and Paul Scholes also. And not least Usain Bolt.

All they have tried to perform tricks as many as possible of times with a dorull. Emneknaggene “#toiletpaperchallenge” and “#stayathomechallenge” has been football’s humorous response to the koronaviruset.

the People have spoken: If we are to be at home, so shall we at least find something funny.


One who has not had any ambitions to take on the challenge is the hardttaklende, but not particularly technical landscaped former Finnish landslagsspilleren Aki Riihilahti.

the CLAN-FAVORITE: Aki Riihilahti was a’s the crowd favourite when he played in manchester City, although the club struggled sporty in the period.

Photo: Knut Fjeldstad / NTB scanpix

43-year-old who, in the course of his career, among other things, managed to become a Clan-favorite during his two years in the Town, and a klubblegende after five years in Crystal Palace, took namely the matter into their own hands then your buddy should try their hand at the challenge.

And your buddy, in this case, no anyone, but the former Chelsea, Birmingham, and Leeds – and Finland-striker, Mikael Forssell (39).

the Video, which both Riihilahti and Forssell have posted on Instagram, and as you can see at the top of this page, speak for themselves, but what thus happens is that the Riihilahti grisetakler Forssell from behind in what he should try.

effective end

Riihilahti laughs when NRK obtain him on the phone Saturday morning.

CONTROLS the HJK: Riihilahti is now the ceo of HJK Helsinki. Here cheering him after that Finland has qualified for the european CHAMPIONSHIP, which later has been deferred to 2021.

Photo: Private

– Like most of the time, we put some friends home and had not much to do when Mikael decided to try the challenge, ” says finn to the NRK.

– Was the tackle planned?

– no, No! I can’t perform tricks with anything though, so when Michael decided to try, I thought only “we have to end it here”.

Riihilahti, who now works as the managing director for Finland’s biggest club, HJK Helsinki, fear now a cunning revenge from Forssell.

We are bestekompiser, gudfedre for each other’s sons and know each other inside and out. Michael laughed after I tackled him, but I know that revansjen come when I least expect it, be chuckling 43-year-old.

SUPERTALENT: Mikael Forssell was a huge spisstalent when he went to Chelsea, but beat never completely through in the London club.

Photo: Ferran Paredes / Reuters

the Clip of the Forssell and Riihilahti went viral almost immediately after it was posted on Instagram and Twitter.

VIF-mates and laughs

Some of them who have got it is more of Riihilahtis earlier lagkompiser in Town. They laugh well when the Norwegian broadcasting corporation contact.

This was like in the good old days of known Aki-style. He delivered the Finnish sisu at its best. The finns have a culture of giving everything, and a “toiletpaperchallenge” is no exception. Aki was a fantastic lovely guy both on and off the field, ” says former midtbaneelegant Bjørn Viljugrein.

VIFs earlier sisteskanse Øyvind Bolthof laughs also good, and uses the opportunity to get with a little twinge to Riihilahti.

Typical Aki, this, but I trust most with the fact that he did it in order to not put themselves in a bad light. Everyone knows that Aki can’t perform tricks more than three even with a regular football, so when he would typically do something like this yes, laughing Bolthof.

EX-VIF: Øyvind Bolthof.

Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

NISO-chairman and former midtbanemann Joachim Walltin is also in on the fun.

– Humor is important in these days. Aki came to the Crystal Palace and became popular with the style of play where, say, Joachim Walltin.

EX-VIF: Joachim Walltin.

Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt / NTB scanpix

another who played on Vålerengas midfield together with Riihilahti is Bjørn Arild Levernes. He comments on the short and easy:

– Still not near the ball, I see.

Many of the reactions

Riihilahti even says that he has received a tremendous number of reactions to the clip, among other things, from what he calls “high-profile”people, but that he will reveal who. One can, however, speculate a little bit when you know that he sits in the board of directors of The european klubbforeningen (ECA) together with a number of big names.

the Finn tells that he nevertheless am baffled a bit at how fast the video has spread.

the other day I did a big, in-depth interview with YLE (the national Finnish broadcaster, journ.anm.) about football’s future. I don’t think was read by just about anyone at all. But then we create a humorvideo that gets half a million views the first day. It is strange, but nice that the people get something to laugh at in these times, ” he says.

PALACE-LEGEND: Aki Riihilahti made their cases well in the Crystal Palace through several seasons after the transition from the Norwegian eliteserie.

Photo: Sang Tan / AP

Riihilahti says that Finnish football, as a Norwegian, is deferred, probably indefinitely because of koronakrisen.

He can not see for themselves that it is being played eliteseriefotball on Finnish courses until after the summer, but tell that HJK Helsinki, if nothing else, have a good economic foundation.

– We have a good liquidity position in the club, so as of now, it is not appropriate to lay off. We have given the players four weeks ‘ vacation, and then we see where we stand when the weeks have gone. Although HJK is in a good position now and I’m worried that koronakrisen will affect football in a long time to come, ” he says.

In the meantime, he has given people something to smile about.

It also has a number of other people made. In the following video we have collected a number of attempts on dorull challenge from a small number of celebrities and not the least you where at home, who have sent NRK a few brilliant clips.

People have sent in their contributions to the dorull challenge You need javascript to see the video. More about koronaviruset OversiktSiste nyttSpørsmålNyhetsbrev