Unbelievable! Jay-Z is the first Rap billionaire in the world! The magazine “Forbes”. Calculated his fortune had been made by not only the revenue from music, but also his shares in liquor companies and companies like Uber have been added. This is the U.S. magazine reported on Monday.

In addition, the 49-Year-old have an art collection, and together with his wife, the Pop Superstar Beyoncé, a large number of properties. The Hip-Hop Star, Jay-Z, list from the past year, according to a “Forbes”-the next, therefore, is Diddy, with an estimated fortune of $ 820 million.

Jay-Z, who is real name is Shawn Carter, is one of the few entertainers that would have exceeded the one-billion threshold, further reported the magazine. These include, according to “Forbes” in addition, the “Star Wars”Creator George Lucas, Director Steven Spielberg and the Talkerin Oprah Winfrey. (SDA)