Former U.S. Secretary of state and the presidential candidate for the Democrats in 2016, Hillary Clinton announced her support of former Vice-President Joseph Biden in the fight for the nomination of the Democratic candidate in the presidential elections. “I would like to add my voice to the many others who have supported you,” said Mrs Clinton during a videoconference with Joseph Biden, which was broadcast on the Fox News channel.According to her, now the United States needs a President who would have rallied the society, showing compassion and care. “I saw Joe brings people together. For me this is the moment when we need a leader, a President like Joe Biden”, she added.On 8 April, the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, who will participate in the elections from the Democratic party, withdrew from the presidential race and was also supported by Joe Biden. About what the press writes about U.S. support of Mr. Biden from the Bernie Sanders— in the material “Kommersant”.