The two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank (45) prize at the Locarno Film Festival this year’s honorary, and gave generous information about yourself and your career. Taboo is only one: your latest Film, “The Hunt”, whose Start have cancelled the Universal Studios, meanwhile, was.

Swank about rituals: Before going to Sleep I am grateful for three things. Yesterday was the first that I have the opportunity to travel. Secondly, for my husband Philip. And thirdly, for the Pain au chocolat, the man has prepared for me here at the Hotel extra. This is Swiss hospitality!

“We understand that now is not the right time to make this Film to bring out,” says Universal Pictures, the weekend has taken a decision, the for the 27. To move September’s planned theatrical release of the film “The Hunt” with Hilary Swank in the main role. So Universal is responding to the recent killing sprees of El Paso and Dayton. The cruel Satire is sketched as decadent upper-class representatives make to the sporting pleasure of the hunting on the under privileged. The decision, the Start for an indefinite period of time, to cancel, be gone “careful consideration” ahead. The Trailer and advertising were already running and were also suspended. US President, Donald Trump (73) responded via Twitter to “The Hunt” and wrote that the Film show that “Hollywood is in the highest degree be racist”.

A feeling, as if shot by a cannon. It is a lot of luck, if you can do what you love anyway, about everything, and then extra will be rewarded. But I didn’t become an actress to get Awards.

“I can’t” means “I don’t want to”. Will and tenacity are the key to everything. The biggest obstacle is usually yourself.

Last year, my husband and I in Germany and in Switzerland, we have here geflittert. We love nature and Hiking. Travel, for me, is enormously valuable. Because I statements have not high-school, I consider it as training.

would get That “Boys Don’t Cry” such a meaning, was to me at the time is not clear. Until today, people come to me and tell me how this Film has changed your life. It means a lot to me, if I can reach out to people in this way.

You will feel as a woman, sometimes like a second-class citizen. I get still the same rate as a man for a main role.

Meryl Streep is now 70, and still an Inspiration. In “The Homesman” I was finally able to play with her. Unfortunately, I was in the story already dead by the time they came on the Set.

I do my work, never by a President-in-office-dependent. I tell stories about Underdogs and championing human rights.