The Schaffhausen Region Reiat is the North pole of Switzerland: to the North it is not. Clear that you flirt in the Reiat with the geographical location: The Northern-most vineyard and there are here, as well as the northernmost trail of the Switzerland.

another superlative can write Reiat, unfortunately, to the Flag: the least-known Region of the Confederation. Because the majority of visitors in the Region of the Rhine falls, the old town of Schaffhausen and the winemaker in the Klettgau interested. And what is with the Reiat? The can be described without Exaggeration as a secret tip. Admittedly, Instagram-worthy sights are not an issue here. Cozy up to the border area to Germany: The streets are narrow, and the villages quiet, and the sheep are happily on their meadows.

The city of the Aromats

The perfect Region to beat the stress of everyday life and a trick. For example, in the case of a long hike on the Reiatweg, the mountains, 18 kilometres through a Mix of wine and mixed forest winds, the come up is just magnificent in the fall with a tremendous color.

it starts in the “capital” of the North-East of Schaffhausen, Thayngen, all Knorrli Fans known as the production site of the Aromats. Tip: In the factory lädeli (today Unilever), you can buy spices in all variations.

Since 2000 years, is here, leads the wine

The path through the vineyards, soon to go up on the foothills of the memoranda. The view extends from the Alps to the German Hegau with its characteristic volcanic cones. Perhaps it is indeed at the fiery underground that particularly delicious wines sprout and have been for 2000 years.

The Romans were the First who cultivated here, vines (short, behind-the-border, you can visit the German Büsslingen by the way, the remains of a Roman estate). However, the most famous is, because most northerly vineyard is a recent addition: the First, in 1972, were planted by the winemaker Albert Fehr on the sunniest hillside in the village of Altdorf (about in the middle of the circuit), the first vines. The trail leads practically to the winery. If you register in advance, you can stay for a tasting or a bottle for a picnic in the vineyard to take.

beavers is well known for its plums

strengthening is needed. Five to six hours, it lasts the entire round. Whom this is too much: of each Of the four village buses back to Thayngen. To the village of beaver, you must create it already.

The Beautiful of beavers

Know that there are in the Village of beavers to a Plum variety, which is listed for about 100 years, officially the Swiss varieties of book with the wonderful name “The beauty of beaver”? In honor of the fruit of three years held a Festival with music, dance and crafts. In the year 2020, it is again so far.

Because in the village, which is also famous for its plums known, is hidden in the old school house, the Museum of writing machines – a real jewel to admire in the 440 machines. The oldest specimen dates back to the year 1894.

But in the Reiat it is even older. The Kessler hole in Thayngen is one of the most important sites in Europe for tools from the early stone age. A superlative, with the tranquil Region can decorate. to know


18 km. The way beavers in the four villages, Schaffhausen, Altdorf, Hofen will be abbreviated. From there, buses drive back to Thayngen.

five hours of pure Hiking time


Thayngen is easy to reach by train.

the Restaurant Reiatstube in Schaffhausen with a nice terrace and far view. More information is available at the restaurant

for More information, see creating the house country