The storm of indignation, is it not surprising: Ueli Stückelberger is an old public TRANSPORT-Fox. As the “observer,” made delicate plans to a massive price increase for the General subscription (GA) publicized, it was clear to the Director of the Association of public transport, what would happen. When he receives a VIEW in his office, he knows that he must now calm things down.

Stückelberger the GA to be ten percent more expensive. How much did you paid for the car industry for this idea?
Stückelberger : (Laughs) no one has paid us. It was never intended to make this number public. And: no one wants to increase the price of the GA simply by ten percent. The proposal was tabled in a brainstorming. You want to find good new features, you must also come to ideas that are discarded at the end. There are not only proposals for increases, but also for cheaper Tickets.

GA ?
no, and many others, no shock increase in the GA want. We are not stupid. No one in the industry wants to upset the customers. It is good to think wide, but the proposal will not prevail. Any increase is sure to be lower.

This is a sub position. If the price rises in one place, he rides at the other fall – namely, the individual, are too expensive. And: The public TRANSPORT offer has been expanded massively in recent years. The trains run more frequently and faster. The price-performance ratio, the GA is extremely good.

GA-owners .
When we are somewhere more affordable, is set to increase the price level of somewhere. With these Considerations, if you look to the right where the price-performance ratio is so much better than all other Offers.

After the great excitement of a possible increase in the price of the GA of the Sunday view to the. As the newspaper reported, superior to those in charge of the public TRANSPORT organization, CH-Direct, to launch a new product: a multi-rides-GA, a blend of trip-Abo and GA. The trip subscription is a half-fare card, which offers in addition to per year 20-or 30-day cards. It costs 900 or 1200 francs. The daily cards are exhausted, the subscription “only” a half-fare travelcard. Similar to – but more extensive-and more expensive – could also look at the new product. It is an already older idea of the industry.

GA is a black box.
Oh, come on! Selected customers will receive a detailed questionnaire in which you list all of the trips. The is averaged and from this, there is the distribution key for the passenger transport companies participating.

The distribution of GA-receipts to be running a highly professional manner. The rates are a matter of CH-Direct, the collective organisation of public transport. The proposals we are discussing now, come from there – to be precise, of the staff of the SBB, which in the order of CH-Direct proposals. This is not objectionable.

CH-Direct so in the prices.
no, there is a Committee of nine members drawn from transport companies, have each a voice. But the SBB have until the end of 2019, nor the right of veto. That will change, however.

GA not very much more expensive, but much, much more?
There are certainly networks that hire such Considerations, Yes. But not only do you want to start the GA, to be able to other offers and products more attractive, i.e. cheaper.

we’ll see. It is clear that The climate debate is a job to us. We need to be able to bring people to public TRANSPORT, notably the youth and leisure traffic. A possible measure is the discounted trips, the single. And there are plans in the international long-distance traffic better deals to offer. Here is great potential. Today, flying is too cheap. It is to be worn when flying like Fur in the 80s: Suddenly it is no longer opportune. Cheap airlines have made night trains to Barcelona and the trains in other major cities broken down. Soon we will experience a Revival. In some years, the public TRANSPORT is, for example, to Munich massively better.

international trains such as the TGV. Here is something to go. There will be a new potential, I’m convinced. It takes but always foreign partner Railways. I am glad that the ÖBB night trains offer. But they are a niche product, although a good, to Swiss wages Finance hardly. To travel In a comfortable high-speed trains from our Land at good prices to destinations in the whole of Europe, however, has a future. The public TRANSPORT is energy-efficient and space-saving. He is part of the solution in the fight against climate change. The SBB have recognized this. Now it also needs to be a policy which seeks the cooperation with the neighboring countries, the existing potential.

The Berne Ueli Stückelberger (50) is since 2011 Director of the Association of public transport (VöV), in which the public transport companies in Switzerland. The father of three children ran in front of it, the Department of politics at the Federal office for transport (BAV). He is a member of the Green Free list (GFL) Berns. Until 2008, Smith was Berger’s long-time President of the GFL/EPP-group of the city Council of Bern.