tens of thousands of rental apartments in Switzerland empty – and it will always be more. Last summer was almost 60’000 homes, no tenants, Three are to be found – for the most part – and Four-room-objects. How strong is the empty increased since then, the Federal office for statistics at the beginning of September. The Zurich cantonal Bank estimates the current state to nearly 66’000.

The vacancy is on the rise – although last year fewer new rental housing were planned. This is not a contradiction. Because, despite the decline in the number of building applications, construction activity remains high. And less homes are in the planning stage. Here lies the real Problem: Paradoxically, extend the cranes continue to be in areas in the level, where already many apartments are empty. It is built in the wrong place.

In the Canton of Ticino, the vacancy rate increased by an additional

Although the vacancy is developing quite differently: the rate should be increased according to the ZKB for example in the lower Valais and in the regions of Solothurn and Olten more. Experts from UBS and CS expect with an increase in the Ticino.

In Parts of the Aargau, the situation on the other hand, a decrease in the ZKB also recognizes in Zug and the Grisons.

But also municipalities, where the stagnant vacancy or goes back, not bring the Problem in most cases: “The real estate market is like a Tanker. An Oversupply of rental properties is slow,” says Claudio Saputelli, real estate expert of the UBS. The vacancy rate increased since 2010, in Switzerland – and it is expected to grow an additional two to three years, estimates Saputelli. “This cycle goes on for a long time.”

Many tenants may not be happy about this development Outside of the centres will make it easier to find a new apartment and the Rents to come under pressure.

Build, where it is possible

Because it’s worth it because of the negative interest rates will continue to invest in concrete and mortar. With the construction of multi-family houses, pension funds or insurance companies can still earn more than on the stock markets or government bonds. And will be built there, where it has a lot of land. This is not to rule, where many people like to live, namely in the large centres, and to you.

The vacancy rate is not at the investment decision, always in the first place. This is understandable, because even at a high rate of, for example, five percent, the following applies: ninety-Five percent of all apartments are rented. With a attractive object, and a professional management large can investors avoid empty stands. And if you have a lot of apartments, not, it falls into the weight, if some of them are temporarily empty.

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among the losers are investors who have perhaps just a building, however Small: you with the means to survive in an increasingly competitive, often lacking.

The best remedy for the vacancy a growing demand for apartments. This in turn requires a good economy, which attracts even more immigrants in Switzerland. After such development it looks, on the contrary, The economic prospects are getting gloomier.