Living at a dizzying height. This is not only in, but also away from the Swiss cities possible. The high-rise construction is booming. Since the beginning of July, the first tenants to obtain the highest residential building of Switzerland – the 100-Meter high It Tower in dübendorf, ZH. And in Berne Ostermundigen and the equally high Bäretower arises. In two years he should be ready to move in.

“Since 2010, has increased the construction activity in the high-rise segment, and at the latest in 2017 momentum gained,” says Robert Weinert (40), real estate expert Wüest Partner. Their first high-rise building boom experienced in Switzerland in the 60s and 70s, is characterized by a strong immigration. At the time, most of the today is around 2000 but the result is a high-rise buildings with over ten floors.

160 high-rises in planning

more grows in The Swiss population. About 8.5 million people counted by the Federal office for statistics, by the end of 2018. With a slightly fluctuating growth of one per cent in the year, the Switzerland 2025 9.2 million and twenty years later, 10.2 million inhabitants.

among the cities and agglomerations, in which in the last few years, the most the result is a high-rise buildings with a minimum of 15 storeys, Zürich, Dübendorf, Zug, Lausanne and Basel. “It is often found in Central locations, and the apartments have a high level of Equipment,” says Weinert. He assume that this development hold more.

Whether the 14-storey Solitaire in Horw LU, a scheduled 100-Meter tower on the Spengler-Site in Münchenstein BL, or the overgrown garden of high house, Aglaya is located in Rotkreuz, ZG – everywhere high-rise buildings under construction or in planning. According to Wüest Partner in Switzerland is currently around the 160 pieces.

Everywhere in Switzerland high-planned houses and built. The concepts could hardly be more different. Three examples: On the Dreispitz-Area in Basel are designed to provide three 160-metre-high residential high-rise buildings with 800 apartments room for 1400 persons. The architects Herzog & de Meuron have drawn the contract. Migros will be the main user.

In Bern Ostermundigen is already built in to the bear Tower. 100 metres to the residential tower is high, and combines Living, gastronomy, Hotel, offices and Retail. In two years he should be ready to move in.

Rotkreuz, ZG create the garden of high house, Aglaya (image). The facade and the roof will be covered. Something there was not in Switzerland so far. 31 floors plus Penthouse are designed to provide 85 condos, with 1.5 to 5.5 rooms. On the first four floors of office and commercial space are planned. 77 of the 85 apartments are already sold or reserved. The catchment is planned for November.

Increasingly, the luxury segment

the building land in the Swiss cities is scarce and expensive. According to real estate consulting firm Iazi are to be used in and around Zurich 2021, the last land reserves. In Wallisellen, already next year. This drives the price of land in the amount: Since the ‘ 70s, and these are increased in the Canton of Zurich to more than 400 per cent, in the city by as much as 700 percent, writes the Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB) in a study.

in recent years more and more high-rise buildings to be built, is also confirmed by Stefan Kurath (43), head of the Institute of Urban Landscape at the ZHAW in Zurich. But less for reasons of urban compaction, but rather to prestige purposes. “Here are the companies that are, in most cases, the owner of the real estate present themselves,” he says. In comparison to the high-rise boom of the 60s would be today increasingly being built in the luxury segment.

“there is Much that is concrete gold. Investors to store their money in real estate, instead of paying negative interest rates,” says Kurath. So feel it especially in the area of the high-priced penthouses in the top floors of high-rise buildings, that these should not be bought for investment. Be used as second homes. “Especially in Zurich, an Oversupply of luxury housing.” And until the next crisis comes, will stop the construction boom, since Kurath is certain: “the end is in sight at present.”

The higher, the more expensive

The high-rise construction is expensive. It costs between 15 and 25 percent more than that of a regular house. The reason: Objections to delay the construction, special equipment is required, lift facilities, and in addition to the cost of fire protection requirements are expensive, strictly.

The more costs will be passed on to the tenants in the Form of floor premiums. This means: the higher the apartment, the more expensive it is – with the exception of the 13. Stock (see Box). High houses of reindeer from the 14. or 16. Floor in the bedroom-study. From the 19th century. Floor the apartment is about 20 percent higher than in the first. But: “Only when the high-rise is high enough, can be passed on the higher costs to the tenants,” said Ursina Kubli, ZKB real estate expert. to believe

Barely, but superstition is more widespread than you think. Especially the number 13 is associated with misfortune in connection. One searches in vain in the aircraft, the number 13. Also the hotel is Often the room number or swipe the 13. Floor even on the Elevator keypad. In the high-rise that hated number can play to the potential tenant or owner, however, in the hands of: to Rent or buy in this floor are often cheaper. The Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB) has found out in a study that the surcharge, which is in the high-rise building per floor is always higher in the 13. Floor is significantly lower in precipitates. “There seems to be something, but believe to be there, because high-rise buildings in some individuals with certain safety fears regarding a fire or earthquake are linked,” says Ursina Kubli, real estate expert of the ZKB the Fund.

Not everyone in Switzerland is pleased with the high houses, throw in some hours of the day a long shadow. In Switzerland, neighbouring buildings may not be longer than two hours in the shadow of the high houses. In Zurich, this rule has been relaxed now. Objections to proposed buildings are inevitable, especially in cities. For example, in Kriens, LU: In the Nidfeld Area, a 60-Meter-high house is to be built. The inhabitants of the samples, the uprising. Also in Zurich in opposition to the proposed Development on the hard tower-wasteland was formed.

How high and where a high-rise building can be built, the rules of the cantons. A house in the Canton of Zurich from a height of 25 meters, as a high-rise building, in a train, where there are over 50 high-rise buildings, however, the 30-Meter hurdle cracked. And in Bern, there is also the rule of thumb: No building may be higher than the Cathedral, with its 100 meters.