In this world only two things are certain: death and taxes”, wrote Benjamin Franklin was once a friend. It should be complementary to the quip of one of the founding fathers of the United States to the rising health insurance premiums.

The cost explosion in the health care burden on the household budgets more and more. In contrast, no Grass had grown, it means it often. We are getting older and the costs. The health insurance Association Santésuisse has now calculated what the impact on premiums, the age of has actually. The result: Very large, they are not. Between 2012 and 2017, the annual health care costs per capita to 572 Swiss francs (graphics), but only 102 francs – approximately 20 percent – to the increase in life expectancy. The Rest goes back, according to Santésuisse to “undesirable developments”.

“a Lot of potential to save costs

” “These calculations appear plausible,” says health economist, Willy Oggier. He was already on previous calculations with similar results, and also why this outcome is so critical: convenience! “The age is a much-used excuse for structures do not adapt.” Politicians speak of age. “Because your older voters have the feeling that you are well cared for. But Old today is not the same sick.”

The good news: It could be, therefore, quite a bit against the avalanche of Costs do you do if you wanted to. “There are a lot of potential to save cost at the same quality,” says Santésuisse Director Verena Nold. She is also one of the same, where air in the System is: to put more on the generic, so cheaper drugs, would be an idea. To reduce the margin of pharmacists and Pharmaceutical wholesalers, a second. And less interventions: “The more Doctors or hospitals to treat, the more you earn. These Disincentives we need to correct.”

Nold annoy the lame excuses with which to justify the high cost. “Often, technological progress as a cause for the growth is called,” she says, “elsewhere, innovative products displace old ones, the price drops on it. In health care new methods to get a higher price.”

Doctors want less bureaucracy

to doubt the findings of the health insurance companies, the medical Association FMH. “The statement that the largest share of the increase in costs was due to misguided developments and increased volumes, from our point of view,” writes the Association.

the Doctors have any suggestions as to how the costs of ination: due to less bureaucracy. And through the creation of five to seven health regions, instead of each Canton operates its own health system. It also help, more procedures on an outpatient basis, to keep patients after operations unnecessarily in the hospital.
ideas there would be enough. But not the will – not in the patients, the numbers at the end of the premiums.

at the beginning of February, for example, the Basel population declined to a merger of their hospitals with the Basel hospitals, although the Region is hopelessly oversupplied with hospital beds.
summary: it’s Nice that we are all living longer. But the high premiums, we also carry out other reasons to blame.