Deutsche Bahn passengers have to be prepared for a fare increase this winter. Board member Michael Peterson made this clear on Wednesday. He referred to the sharp increase in energy costs.

“Of course we will have to raise prices,” said Peterson on the sidelines of the presentation of a new train in Berlin. Deutsche Bahn will inform you about the increase at the end of the month. Calculated over the year, the group expects additional energy costs of around two billion euros.

The prices usually increase when the timetable changes in mid-December. A fare increase of an average of four percent has already been announced for regional transport outside of transport associations and national tariffs.

At the same time, Peterson announced that he wanted to start the previously announced “general renovation” of the most important routes on the section between Frankfurt (Main) and Mannheim. “From 2024, the so-called Riedbahn between Mannheim and Frankfurt is to be completely renovated for the first time,” said Peterson. The section is one of the busiest rail routes in Germany. Passengers have to be prepared for the fact that trains will be diverted for months and will be on the road for longer.

The train is currently late more often than it has been for many years. More and more trains are traveling on the rail network, while at the same time the group is fighting a renovation backlog worth billions with hundreds of construction sites. For the general renovation, sections are to be completely closed and all necessary work done. The routes should then remain free of construction sites for several years.