Bandeleders threats don’t get consequences for their parents ‘ housing situation, has The high Court determined.

the Eastern high Court has ruled that the parents of the founder of the gang Loyal to Familia can remain in their apartment on Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

The state attorney Jakob Dalsgaard-Hansen, who has represented forældreparret in the court of appeal.

In the fall of 2018 decided the rent tribunal by the Copenhagen city Court that the pair would leave their apartment because their son was convicted for threats against a police officer on Blågårds Plads in Copenhagen. Shuaib Khan was the leader of the Loyal to Familia.

the Parents appealed against the short time after the verdict to the high court.

Jacob Dalsgaard-Hansen says that forældreparret is satisfied with the change of the judgment.

the high Court justifies among other things, the decision that the couple has lived in the apartment for 34 years with no complaints.

– the Crime is not so serious in relation to other decisions, where you throw people out, he says.

in Addition, The high Court considered that a possible disposal would not result Shuaib Khan did not turn up at Blågårds Plads on Nørrebro in Copenhagen again, explains the lawyer.

– The parents red.) have not seen him in a long time, so in that way it also makes sense that they do not need to move, when he is not they, says Jakob Dalsgaard-Hansen.

It was in the first instance, the public housing organization, the FSB, who chose to terminate the family Khan’s lease.

the Eviction was a direct consequence of the fact that Shuaib Khan a summer night in 2017 threatened a police officer in connection with a visitation at Blågårds Plads.

– It may well be that you remember our faces, but we can also remember you. Beware of your back, should Shuaib Khan among others have said.

Loyal to Familia founder was in november of 2018 by the Supreme court expelled from Denmark for six years.

He has, however, complained to the european Court of human rights in Strasbourg over the deportation, which he will try to get repealed.

For a good two months ago selected the Copenhagen city Court in addition to dissolve Loyal to Familia in a historic trial.

Then came the conclusion to the gang’s only purpose was through violence and use of firearms to “create illegal economic revenue to the members of Loyal to Familia”.

the Police decision on the resolution was necessary “to ensure the citizens and society against further offences from Loyal to Familia”, stood there in the judgment.