Klubløse Nicklas Bendtner has several times in the recent past emphasized that fodboldkarrieren is not over. He has not taken a final decision.

But perhaps he has nevertheless done just that.

in an interview with Ritzau coming footballer with an opinion, which could indicate that he actually has decided to say stop.

Here is Nicklas Bendtner on his way to the considerations he and partner Philine Roepstorff has done on to have children together.

And here he says so:

“at First we had talked about, that it should be, when I was finished playing football, but it came a little faster than we had anticipated,” he says in the interview with the Ritzau – with the addition:

“But I would like to have a real job first, so you know what’s happening and have something to relate to. The house must also be in place, and perhaps we should also be fiancee.”

Nicklas Bendtner has not had a contract with a club, since it’s in december became public, that FC Copenhagen was not interested to continue the cooperation.

While the former national team not to play football at the moment, he performed in the spot in the docu-series ‘Bendtner and Philine’ (Here you can read B. T.’s review of ‘Bendtner & Philine’ that gets one measly star).

In connection with the recent premiere of the program at Dplay, told the 32-year-old (maybe) eksangriber that a final contract had been close to being realized.

But then came coronaudbruddet across.

“I had decided for an adventure, let me say it that way. But getting the virus and put everything on hold,” has Nicklas Bendtner told to B. T., and supplemented with, that he imagines himself to always be in fodboldbranchen as ‘coach, agent, on the tv, or whatever it is’.

In the same context, he refused, however, to fodboldkarrieren would be conclusively over.

“So I’m really in the same place as when I stopped in FCK. I see what is happening, and it’s not because I’m busy with having to find a club – not at all. If it is not right, it’s not something I want. So I have no problem with saying that it was what it was. I have been proud of my career,” he said.

Now he saw may yet come to speak of himself in relation to that decision.

‘Bendtner and Philine’ can be seen at Dplay.