A Kremlin insider claims Russian President Vladimir Putin has cancer and Parkinson’s disease. Putin is being “pumped full of steroids,” the insider said, according to British tabloid The Sun. The 70-year-old president has long been suspected of being ill.

There have long been rumors of illness surrounding Russian President Vladimir Putin. Now an intelligence agent close to the Kremlin is claiming that Putin actually has Parkinson’s disease and pancreatic cancer. This is reported by the British newspaper “The Sun”, citing emails from the man.

The insider wrote: “I can confirm he has early stage Parkinson’s disease. But the disease is progressing.” This fact is “denied and hidden in every possible way,” it said. The secret service man writes: “Putin is regularly pumped full of heavy steroids.” In addition, the president gets “novel pain injections.” These should also help stop the spread of his recently diagnosed pancreatic cancer.

The intelligence officer further claims: “Putin has a bloated face and suffers from other side effects. There are also rumors in Putin’s closest circle that prostate cancer has also been discovered in addition to pancreatic cancer.

Rumors about Putin’s possible poor health have been circulating for years. But at the beginning of the Ukraine war, these were rekindled. The reason for this: pictures of Putin in which his whole body looked bloated. Most recently, a picture of his hand sparked rumors that Putin might have been on a drip. There were also rumors that Putin might be on a lot of steroids.

In May 2022, former British intelligence chief Richard Dearlove said Putin “will be gone by 2023, for health reasons.”