It is exciting that your questions, especially this man, his Thinking and his actions, and not, as you detach from the Situation can. That you take his motives, Miracle, which is understandable, but ultimately, you will help this probably Know little, to release yourself from the Situation.

Ask yourself brutally honest, if you want to put this story to an end or whether it, so unimaginable the sounds may perhaps also something there that keeps you in it. Because as long as you are dealing so intensively with him and his motives, you get this strange relationship to a certain degree, in an upright position.

you should go the official way to an IT specialist that helps you to switch systematically all access and passwords, and your device checks whether it spying Software was installed. In addition, it can make sense that you visit a legal advice and sort it all out, what have you got against this man. But all this requires, as I said, that you’re really ready to sever that connection permanently.

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