As a child, Phillip Faber in one of today’s most popular movies.

But although he felt like the coolest record producer at the time, so is the magic evaporated from the ‘morning Song’-current composer and conductor, who is no longer being recognized from the filmsuccesen ‘Bully Bob’ from 1998.

“no, no, No, no-one has mentioned ‘Bully Bob’ in many, many years. Almost, since I made it. I have the beard and the glasses and do everything I can,” said Phillip Faber.

Wearing a leather vest, played the then-14-year-old Phillip Faber the role of Leslie, in the surprisingly happy musicalnummer ‘A creepy guy’ song about having experienced failure in childhood and to have grown up in a backyard and a pornoklub’.

The 35-year-old Phillip Faber is not recognized today, wondering why B. T.’s reporter who grew up with ‘Bully-Bob’ and remembers the film as one, all children at least once in the course of the 00’s.

“I know! But have you seen it recently? You must never do. You must promise me, you won’t see it. You must never return to film and tv, one adored in his childhood,” laughs Phillip Faber, who himself has put the ‘Bully Bob’ on in his adult life.

“the Pace, the style and the script, which has great reminiscences to the 70s, where it was originally written. Already when we made it, worked it a little bit altmodisch. It keeps enough not today, let’s just say it this way. But it had its time, and it was great back then, it must have,” he says.

“It was a huge national scourge. We believed, we were stars. Hold fast, we had fun.”

“travel the country and did concerts after the film, which, incidentally, went platinum, and I know not what. It was at that time, a VHS tape could sell. It was the times,” said Phillip Faber, which linked the then close ties to its erotic dancer for chippendales, to he in a period formed the pairs with the two years younger candace parker, who had the role as Sara – her ‘little Brother’.

Opposite barndomskæresten today who have great success with ‘fawlty towers’, chose the then-14-year-old Phillip Faber, however, to put the play on the shelf a short time after the success.

“I thought, I should be an actor, until I found out that all I possibly knew, would be actors. So I didn’t. It was for the mainstream. And I found out that I could write music. It must be something special, I thought. Thank god, because the first was enough, never been to anything.”

Phillip Faber went from teaterscenerne, as he had walked on his entire childhood, and pursued a career as a classical musician.

In 2011, he was trained as a composer from The Royal Danish theatre. Academy of music, and graduated three years later as a conductor from the Royal Research in Stockholm.

even while he studied, he was chief conductor of the DR’s girls ‘ choir and is also a host on ‘The classical music quiz’ on DR2.

in Addition, he may to november cross one more thing off on the list when he gets a melody in the new version of the Højskolesangbogen.

Phillip Faber’s background and CV is enough far from it, his ‘Bully Bob’character, Leslie, would have, if you could visit him today.

And the composer, as an adult, among other things, has won the DR’s label for its flawless language, may well wonder that it was him who got the role of Leslie, as the one with the clearest voice and lots of vibrato singing about how his ‘father disappeared’ when he was born, and the mother she went to the bottom of the booze and the pills’.

“I did not seek any special role, so I do not actually know why I was ‘a creepy guy’. If you notice it, so I have probably the most clear diction of a street urchin, as you have ever heard. There is something wrong there,” laughs Phillip Faber.

And if the DR’s popular morgensanger should be offered a comeback to the play?

“Then I would say no. I live for music, and if not I can have my musicality, so it’s not me.”