tonight will be the 15th. The Zurich Film Festival opened. To 6. October will be shown 171 films and many film sizes expected. Mainly the Hollywood Stars cavort on the sechseläuten square, the focal point of the festival events. However, not only because they are to be found. Because what has also made the Hollywood round: in Switzerland, the Large the movie screen in the normal can move. That means time out for the Bodyguards, and many opportunities to encounter them in the normal Zwingli city. A VIEW shows the hot spots of the Stars.

Known to the American movie star was due to the vampire Saga “Twilight”. On 2. In October she will make her Festival debut. To match your Lifestyle it will be like you in the cocktail lounge of the Frauenbadi, later the Gay and lesbian party in the Heldenbar. Late at night you will check in at the luxury hotel Baur au Lac.

Blanchett (50)
The Australian is as a character actress celebrated. On 5. October she was awarded for her work with the Golden eye. The art lover and a vegetarian is going to love it, to enjoy in the midst of the works of Picasso and Chagall in the crown hall a vegetable plate.

The Disney Star is Idol for many young. The actress and activist is coming on 4. October to Zurich. Guaranteed, you will feel in the Café Elena. The wall is adorned with pink roses and is one of the favorite subjects of Teens and Influencers.

Bardem (50)
for Two days the Oscar is to spend the winner in Zurich. On 3. October his Film “Sanctuary” imagine, at the 4. Interviews give. Home-from-home will feel the Spaniard in the Bodega. The rustic meeting place in the Niederdorf, where the port wine in big glass is served.

The cult Director of “Born on the 4th of July” is a three-time Oscar winner is a Fan of Zurich, was often there. This year, he is the President of the jury of the international feature film competition. Stone likes to eat at the Restaurant, merchants. As a staunch vegetarian truffle Pasta are on the menu.