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We lost almost all the turnover we had in just a few days. It was the talk of the 1000 orders every day, ” says chef and business owner Peter Moesgård.

Moesgård driver cateringfirmaet Peter cook in Osøyro centre in Bjørnafjorden municipality.

Long as the foul out both for him and other businesses in the local community, but it would change.

4000 MEMBERS: Facebook group “Support Os”.

Photo: a Facsimile Facebook 4000 members

in Order to survive the crisis, he came up with the idea to sell enkeltmiddager as takeaway. In the beginning was the interest lukewarm, with ten to 20 orders in a day.

First, when he started the facebook group “Support Os” began to loosen. In the course of a short time got the group closer to 4,000 members. Here are the residents encouraged to shop locally. A number of local businesses promoting themselves on the site.

a Week after the page was created, it came into 300 orders one day to Moesgård. The next day increased it to 500.

We began to vakuumpakke the food. Most of the equipment we needed we had from before. It was not required further investments.

ON the POTS: Frank Vasby Bruarøy and Peter Moesgård has turned the nightmare into success.

Photo: Ingrid Aarekol / NRK Dugnadsånd

Also several other companies in the community are now just as good or better than before koronakrisen broke out. Among those who experience a strong increase in sales is the Areas colonial.

– the First week after the onset laid off all the employees and tried me alone, ” says executive director, Sara Døsen Moberg,

This week she has taken all of the employees back. It is more than enough to do. Often it is the queue of customers outside the front door.

– I had certainly not believed it was going to get such a response. I am really very touched by what has happened, ” says Døsen Moberg.

CUSTOMERS ARE BACK: Silja Døsen Moberg is the ceo in the Areas colonial.

Photo: Ingrid Aarekol / NRK Satisfied the mayor

It is not just foods that make success. Also flowers, gullsmedvarer, clothing, strikkegarn and barnetøy is really in the wind in the municipality.

Mayor Carol Lindborg (Ap) in Bjørnafjorden municipality rejoice over the success of to shop locally.

– I think people are keen to protect what we have around us now. This is a part of dugnaden. There are many who have had the upswing, but there are still too many who struggle. This is not the time to travel to the city to go shopping.

SATISFIED: Carol Lindborg (Ap) is the mayor of the Bjørnafjorden municipality.

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