Here rassusolivat is impossible, Putin told how he made the decision on resignation of the government

the President of Russia answered questions from the news Agency TASS in the framework of the project “20 questions to Vladimir Putin”. The President spoke in particular about how the decision was made the government’s resignation.

“Perhaps it would be better to send the government in resignation, and then six months to create one? Can you imagine what will start in the country?” – the President said. According to him, such a situation “in power must never need all calmly, in a business setting, thinking through each step to prepare, then the decision should be accepted and implemented”.

“not Here to ramble on about. Russia is not a country like Belgium, to remain without a government for a year”, — he stressed.

the President Also announced that previously discussed with Dmitry Medvedev the resignation of his government. According to Putin, they “are very open, friendly, friendly relations” for many years, and no secrets from each other.

Putin admitted that he listened to the opinion of Michael mishustina in the formation of the Cabinet. He noted that all of these people known to him and Mishustin as good professionals. According to the President, were the candidates, which he doubted, however, Mikhail argued that this man will be most in demand at this place.

on 15 January after the announcement of the Message to the Federal Assembly Dmitry Medvedev announced the resignation of the government. He said he believes this is the right on the background dubbed Putin’s proposals to amend the Constitution. The new Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustin.