A Villa in Thailand, 10 in accommodated Reality TV faces, 60 cameras, embarrassing game and a win bonus of 100,000 euros. What at first sounds only according to a further variant of the “summer home of the Stars”, “celebrity Big Brother” or “jungle camp” is actually a real ray of light, a pearl in terms of TV Trash.

Shameless dialogues, meanest comments – how long you had wished for in the RTL jungle camp, or in the case of PBB once again so much fun. Devoid of meaning, but entertaining. 2.82 million viewers tuned in for the Premiere, in the relevant target group of 14 – to-49 advertising-Year-olds, the Show even achieved a market share of 15.5 percent. SAT.1 / Richard Hübner Satellite.1 starts with celebrities under the palm trees – For money I’m doing everything” a new Reality Format.

For no embarrassment to shame

This is the merit of a really good Casts. Real professionals of the profession cavort there, which are bad for any embarrassment (even below the belt line) and the balls to play without regard to losses.

In the main roles: The blasphemous expert Désirée Nick is presented as well in the best of shape, as the former Hamburg interior Senator and “judge Merciless” Ronald Schill, the loquacious and according to Nick “man-great” fashion entrepreneur Claudia Obert, as well as “Hot or scrap”-Protagonist Matthias Mangiapane.

In the supporting roles: the narcissistic swank millionaire Bastian Yotta, the Ex-fiancé of Helena Prince, Ennesto Monté, the “celebrity Big Brother”winner Janine Pink and her Ex, Tobias Wegener, as well as the former “Bachelor”contestants Carina Spack and Eva Benetatou.

TV-moments for eternity

especially the pitching holds, what it promises at the outset, as she says she’ll give most pointed tongue of the Nation’s “150 percent”. So you will judge without mercy and competitor Eva Benetatou says directly in the face, whose experience as a cheerleader was “better than nothing for those who have no Talent”. About Carina Spack, the entertainer says Bang hard she had to take a Sport that is “squishy”. Sat.1 La Nick

Matthias Mangiapane takes it because of his new teeth on: to white and he was wearing too much makeup. In contrast, Mangiapane protested. But, when Nick compares his Undercut hairstyle with the help of the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un. “If I knew now who it is,” laughs Mangiapane as can the snow-white pearly whites flashing. TV moments for eternity.

Bastian Yotta confused La Nick with actress Katja Riemann, she calls him a “big mouth” and makes him team the game because of its from your point of view, poor Performance is literally finished.

Ennesto about Ennesto: ‘Wow, the guy is just embarrassing’

Gorgeous, the completely unabashed self-description of Ennesto Monté: “I know from the gossip press. I’m not for anything that the others don’t dare: penis enlargement, relationship problems … If I would have read all about me, I would have said, ‘Wow, this guy is just embarrassing.'”

And then Schill: He sleeps naked, intimidating, Tobias Wegener with the sight of his man glory and flirting so shamelessly in turn, that even Ennesto is amazed: “I think he is on all of us here – he talks always about Sex.” SAT.1/Richard Hübner, “Want to make a really POS”: Roland Schill.

Meanwhile, La Nick and the Schill take their victims relentlessly cross-examine. Give yourself clueless and squeeze her: Ennesto Monté to his penis enlargement, the good-natured Tobi Wegener to his short relationship with Janine Pink. Tobi is like a information and remains even in the case of indecent questions of Schill patient.

The more Mature candidates have the threads in the Hand,

And there is also the more Mature the candidate, the Flirts, and have a passion mimes, which could relieve you directly. Time of the Schill goes with the Obert unabashedly RUB shoulders, time the Nick is flirting with the Schill. Then the Nick (63) to Tobi (26) says: “You were what, for me, have been in the age – a meaningless relationship with a craftsman, where it’s all about the Releasedate***.” Sat.1 Ronald Schill in the mood for Flirting with Désirée Nick.

Quite clear This staff knows what is expected of him in terms of Trash. Of course, the scenes are exaggerated and often outrageous. But the entertainment does not detract.

Also interesting: PUSH New Sat.1-Show “celebrities under the palm trees” – “The old bag should take a look at”: Désirée Nick expects Trash-TV-Mr Schill from

“It is Trash and entertainment and want to be anything else”

is Completely different, the pictures that you got to see in the past seasons so often from the RTL jungle camp, where campers absaßen your time, patch Confess to a bit transmission time promised, or bombs-stories about the competition promoting, you then will never burst.

“celebrities under the palms” delivers friends of Trash TV, especially in times of Corona-crisis, in which the everyday life of Most of the head is, the perfect Show to short to drift away into a universe of embarrassments. Or to speak with a La Nick: “It’s Trash, and entertainment and want to be anything else.” More so. Top Economist calculates, as the income of every German by the Corona-crisis FOCUS Online/Wochit Top Economist before the drops expects, as the income of every German by the Corona-crisis drops