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The most important thing we do today is to vote for the cash assistance to the enterprises.

So began the head of the finance committee in Parliament and the fiscal spokesperson Mudassar Kapur from the Right the press conference where cash assistance to the industry was presented.

– the Scheme will provide assistance to those who are financially hard hit by the virusutbruddet, and help to ensure that viable companies can get through the crisis we are in now. We know that many people know of the uncertainty, both for the business, family, health and income. Some come to experience that koronakrisen also going to be a personal crisis. I hope that we through this package can help to ensure that it is not so, ” said Kapur.

He said that the majority in Parliament has been asked behind the package, have done it to save the Kapur reviews as tens of thousands of jobs.

Even though we are different parties, we all agree that there is one thing that has been most important through this weekend. It is that this package of 50 billion is being adopted and that the money can be sent out to the companies, ” said Kapur.

Ap believes that the cash assistance is a great samfunnskontrakt

Fiscal spokesperson Terje Lien Aasland, the Ap called cash assistance a great samfunnskontrakt.

– It means that they all contribute for that we should be able to get out of the situation with dignity, ” said minister Aasland during the press conference.

He said that it has been essential to the Ap that the business owners that receive support, also with on dugnaden by, among other things, limit the private benefit.

– The second is the relationship to the staff. It is a quite demanding situation to be employed and feel uttryggheten in a business that is struggling financially. We believe that in the time we are inside, where it provided significant resources from the community, that also the employees trygges to the greatest extent possible, ” said minister Aasland.

Sp-leader: – A greeting to the whole of Norway

This is a greeting to the whole of Norway. What we do in the day had been completely unthinkable a month ago. Now, it is absolutely necessary. This is the biggest decision the Parliament has ever done. The reason is that we are to save jobs and companies, and secure everyday life of the people of the whole country, said Senterpartileder Trygve Slagsvold Vedum to NRK before the press conference.

the Scheme the majority in Parliament has agreed on, is intended to cover most of the so-called fixed unavoidable costs to companies with large inntektsfall because of koronapandemien. The companies that have been required to close the operation, to get the most in scheme.

finance minister Jan Tore Sanner (H) has previously estimated that the cost of the cash allowances can be up to 20 billion per month.

the Plan is, after the NRK know, that companies should be able to start to search money in the scheme already from the 17. april of this year.

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