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Statistics from the Norwegian institute of public health (FHI) from 1. april showed that 18 per cent of the koronasmittede in Norway were immigrants. Among them were somalis over-represented.

Norwegian authorities have received criticism for not reaching out with important information about koronasmitte and smitteverntiltak.

We have received several feedback that the information does not reach out to all in a good enough way. In order to succeed with the handling of the situation, it is important that we do what we can to reach out to the immigrant population, says the knowledge and integreringsminister Guri Melby (V) in a press release.

the Government will now give to 6.6 million in grants to non-governmental organisations for the dissemination of information about the korona to the immigrants.

Hope to reach out to more

NRK also see it as a part of our social responsibility to reach the minority groups in Norway, with the important korona information. Therefore, there koronarelatert content in different languages on the New in Norway.

Now also has The profiles with immigrant backgrounds created information videos about the korona on their other native language.

This is important because we know that there are certain groups that do not receive essential news and information about korona because they do not master the Norwegian language. We hope that we with this, using their mother tongue such as Arabic, urdu, member, unable to reach out to more, ” says news anchor Rima Iraki, who has arab roots.

Here is informasjonsvideoene Rima informs about the korona is in Arabic, You need javascript to see the video. Yama informs about the korona on the Reach You need javascript to see the video. Sagal informs about the korona on the somali You need javascript to see the video. Amir informs about the infection on the member, You need javascript to see the video. Noman informs about the korona in Urdu, You need javascript to see the video.

the Website of NRK, the profiles refers to are these:

Here you will get koronainformasjon in several languages (NRK) Information about korona in different languages (FHI) – Should have been there from day one

Loveleen Rihel Brenna is the head of Seema, the center for mangfoldsledelse. She was early to criticize the government for poor information activities against minority groups, and particularly older immigrants.

– When you are afraid and in høyrisikogruppen and feel that the authorities did not communicate with you with the relevant information, then the fear is even greater, ” she says.

Loveleen Rihel Brenna believes that NRK should utilized mangfoldskompetansen better under koronakrisen.

Photo: NRK

She is happy that NRK now uses his mangfoldskompetanse and stock information videos in various languages, but believes that this should have happened in the past.

– This should have been ryggmargsrefleksen and it should have been there from day one. Have you mangfoldskompetanse in all the joints, then you know that in a crisis so you use the expertise you have in a different way than to just say, “we have 20 different nationalities”. It is not good enough, believe Rihel Brenna.

Kringkastingssjef in NRK, Thor Gjermund Eriksen, explains that man has created content in multiple languages as fast as you have managed.

the main Challenge for both us and the government is that the people who live in the Uk and who can’t speak English to a small extent using the Norwegian media, therefore we need to think alternatively. It is not sufficient to have content in somali, whether or not it reaches. But now we have information in different languages, and hope in any case it reaches someone.

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