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After a month in quarantine on earth, the us astronaut Chris Cassidy and his Russian kosmonautkolleger Anatoliy Ivanisjin and Ivan Vagner launched from Bajkonur in Kazakhstan towards the ISS on Thursday.

Six hours and 420 miles later, the three welcomed on board the space station.

The women got hugs of the crew leaves space station, heading for earth in the next week.

Social distancing is currently no theme on the koronafrie space station.

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Today’s liftoff took place without much staffasje. The launch was broadcast live on TV, but only a few employees were at work on the Russian base as the three of them were sent into the sky.

the Crew took farewell with their families for a month ago, and have since then been sitting in quarantine to ensure that they do not take koronasmitten with him out of the room.

GLISSENT: Attendance at the leave-taking was less than normal. It takes Chris Cassidy, Anatoliy Ivanisjin and Ivan Vagner father well with Roskosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin.

Photo: Andrey Shelepin / AFP

– We would of course have wished that our families were here, but that is how it must be for it to be safe, ” said american Chris Cassidy before departure.

the Astronauts were, naturally enough, happy to be done with the quarantine.

” We have been completely isolated in the last stage of the preparations, explained Anataoli Ivansjin.

A small crowd remained at a safe distance as they took parting. The orthodox priest who conducted the traditional blessing, held also longer away than usual.

Journalists, friends, family, and non-necessary employees glimret with its absence.

Shoots up from the united STATES in may

– No virus is stronger than the human need to explore, wrote NASA chief Jim Bridenstine in a twittermelding.

the Crew that arrived at the ISS today will stay in the room until October. Already in may the company when SpaceX after the plan shoots up two NASA astronauts from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

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This is the first manned expedition from american soil since nasa’s romfergeprogram was closed down in 2011.

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